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Sharon - Greta - Name Change

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Sharon - Greta - Name Change

See Greta does have a sense of humour!

I wish that people would leave this child alone and listen to her instead of mocking her.

She's not wrong, and we must do something about this planet!


1 year ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig1 year ago

The problem I have with her is that she seems very entitled.

I agree we need to do more, I try my best but there are things I could do better but there were 9 months in which the environment wasn't the most important thing on my list, I still did my bit but I had bigger concerns.

I don't think she should be mocked but I do think she is very patronising, especially as she is only 17. Plus the way she speaks to people is rude and I can understand why that might infuriate people. Yes she is passionate, but she can be passionate without being condescending.

I have nothing against her, what she does is great and we all need to be following her example but she maybe needs to change her approach.

Just my opinion, I am perfectly happy for others to disagree with me.

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