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Shops Closing - Home Delivery Now Cheaper than Bus Fare into Town


Anyone else noticed this.

I was looking at shoes in a shop based in the next town to me. Delivery was £3.85. If I were to catch a bus it would be £5.00. This has happened several times this year when I've realised it is either cheaper or only 10p more to get an item delivered to my house than go and get a bus. Also that way I don't have to carry the items, waste time waiting for buses, walk, etc. No wonder why shops are closing. There's no point me now going to the next town at all as it more expensive than online delivery. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why shops are closing down.

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis2 years ago

You probably do have a point ShellyAnn but quite a large percentage of the population drive when they go shopping and view it as a pleasurable time out. They don't have to wait in for a parcel and don't have to send it back if it is not right. However, and it is a big one! Car parking can now cost as much as bus fare, plus the small amount for petrol probably makes it the same as the bus, or even more. If I want to enjoy my shopping trip I am lucky to pay less than £3.90 for parking, often more. 2 hours is £1.90 plus but then I feel pressured into rushing around and that negates the pleasure. I think the biggest killer of walk in shops is the high rent and rates and the fact that time is precious for you families especially who do not enjoy dragging young kids around the shops and prefer to visit family or do other things with their precious time off. I am older and therefore have the time to browse with no kids to worry about!

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