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Sneaky Parents? Tracking and How Young is Too Young for a Phone?

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Sneaky Parents? - Do you track you're child on their phone? If so, what do you use, why do you do it? How old should a child be to have a smart phone really?

27 days ago
What do you think of this?
Ann198427 days ago

I don't personally track but when my daughter was in year 6 she wonted a phone I thought too young so I found a app called ourpact it allows to to disable phone from yours you can upgrade to track you child's location restricte certain apps and put screen time

I would recommend it.

Age acceptable I would say first year high school only due to walking to and from school plus the peer pressure good thing with the app you could even restrict them from using apps in school when should be learning

PhilipMarc27 days ago

As long as he/she is under 18 and lives with her/his parents (so basically under their roof) then they have a reason to look out for her safety. Tracking is a good thing so you know where your child is in case something goes wrong.

The app "Find My Device" is certainly very useful to know precisely the location (unless the device is using a fake GPS then it may make it impossible). That reminds me, stuff like this would be handy for missing persons and their whereabouts.

"Find My Device" allows to track, play a sound, secure the device and erase the device (if it gets lost or stolen — as long as it's still reachable).

Faye126 days ago

I don’t track my son on his phone he got one when he went to high school but before that he had no need for one. Every now and then I will do a random check to make sure he’s using it safely and who he’s speaking to. His high school gave a talk the other night about online grooming and they made parents attend. It was very eye opening and warned you of certain apps and games and how easy it is for children to end up speaking to someone they don’t know.

chelseaturpin26 days ago

I would deffo be tracking the phone if my kid/children had 1

MichelleKe4285726 days ago

I have a friend who had 2 trackers on her daughters phone, one she knew about and one she didn't. She was up to no good and never came home, it's because of the unknown tracker that she knew my friend knew she was in a field, she went along and found her lying alone, drunk. She used the tracker to make sure she was going to school etc. Her daughter has grown into a sensible young lady but at the time that tracker was a god send.

KirsteyJames25 days ago

I dont really use it to track him but my son is nearly 14 and had an iphone. I know the login details for his apple id so i can use find my iphone to see where he is. Although mostly i use it if he doesnt answer his phone, if its on silent you can play a beeping noise for when its lost that way he will hear it and ring me 🤣

Toni020425 days ago

My son is in year 5 and wants a phone we have said that he can have a very basic one when he is in year 6, so that he can get used to the responsibility of having one before the goes to high school, but I will have full access to the phone.

RegularComper9025 days ago

I would say around the time they begin secondary school when they start commuting by themselves is the time to think about getting them a phone. This is so that they can keep in touch should any unexpected emergencies occur. But only a basic one is needed at this stage.

garygemmell25 days ago

With all the gangs of paedos hanging around schools even now there is no way i would not track my kids if i ever have any - fingers crossed!

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