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Something I've Heard on the Radio from a Football Manager

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Basically, he said the following:

"Focus on your studies and become an engineer rather than solely thinking about becoming a football player which is not guaranteed as many fail at it."

I don't know his name, but I heard it on a Spaniard radio (Radio Castilla) and that should be heard by millions of teens so they snap out of it. Most of them aren't gonna be the next Ronaldo.

My nephew is one of those kids and his parents aren't concerned. Plus, he's already 16 so it won't be long till he's an adult (18).

a year ago
What do you think of this?
garygemmella year ago

He is spot on!

We live in a society where everyone wants the easy life by going on some dumb reality tv show or becoming an even dumber football thug whose only talent is kicking a ball around a field and banging every burd in sight when you could really put what god gave you to productive use and give something back to society rather than just taking the moolah!

His parents are probably as deluded as he is then!

Always good to have a backup if things dont play out but your average Brit doesnt have the motivation.

Its actually embarrassing when you see those tv progs where our kids go out to India and Africa to learn and the kids out there have 1000 times more motivation, politeness, ambition and skill than our priviliged by comparison little oiks!

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