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There Are some Very Strange People out There

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This is typical of a wannabe, wanting to show off their skills and pretend to be a real firefighter instead of a volunteer. You hear about folks doing things like this, to them come back and "be a hero". It's ego.

He should rot in jail


7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Username501087 months ago

He should be put in the middle of the raging fires to see how good he is at fighting fires. If it wasn't bad enough that the infernos started by someone grinding and welding when there was a fire ban in place, now you get moronic acts like this. I try not to think or read too much about it as it breaks my heart when I think of all the poor animals that have perished, yes there have been human losses too but under 30 last time I looked, not half a billion like the animals. So tragic

Pjran7 months ago

Wow that’s absolutely shocking! I’ve not seen or heard the news yet. He should definitely be charged and if anyone had died he should be charged for murder.

CaroleBallard7 months ago

I'm absolutely gobsmacked. What the hell is this bloke thinking? Apparently there are other fires that was set off deliberately too. Jail isn't good enough for them, they need putting down.

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