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Sunday Routines

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Do you have any Sunday routines?

When I was a child Sunday was cleaning and washing day and my mum still does that to this day.

But now I have kids I like a Sunday to be family day where we just spend time together and sit and have a nice Sunday roast.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
KirsteyJames2 months ago

I used to hate Sundays when i was younger. It was clean the house day. Bath and someone wash my hair (which i hated) then i had to go to bed early ready for school (now i know it was so my parents could spend time together) 🤣 Sundays now is rugby day for my 13 year old so i take him to games and then when we come home its a mad rush to do the food shopping before the shops shut at 4, then we visit our parents.

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