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Survey Moans, Instead of Comping Moans This Time


Being as there have been many comping moans mentioned on here, I thought about also mentioning survey moans. Here are the top 2 things that I don't always like about doing surveys:

  1. Being half way through (or over) into a long survey only to then be told that I don't qualify or that they already have enough respondents. Many survey sites do this.
  2. Illogical questions. For example, I often get asked which TV providers I use and state that I have only ever used the one. Despite this, I still get loads of different questions about loads of other providers which I have never used, and I HAVE to answer them so I just guess all the way through.
9 months ago
What do you think of this?
ACR9 months ago

I don't enter that many survey competitions, so I haven't experienced issue 1. But, the second one seems to be a widespread problem. One fairly recent example was being asked to rate numerous mobile phones from different manufacturers and various network providers. Most people won't familiarize themselves with the spec and usability of 10+ different phone models released over the last year. So like me, most probably randomly selected an answer for each question. Meaning all data they gathered in the survey is unreliable and misleading.

MrsCraig9 months ago

I experience both of these too. It is annoying at times. I just guess at ones that I don't know about. I don't enter as many surveys as I used to because of this.

Tasha0429 months ago

Yes I hate these. I had one about the contents of a bounty pack and it was asking me to rate products that weren't even in my pack! There wasn't an even option for "not applicable" 😂

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