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Taking Part in Cspace Product Forums following Toluna Surveys


has anyone here joined product forums following taking a survey? I did one for a drink brand, joined a cspace forum for 4 days, had to do some tasks and got £15 amazon voucher. Ok, cool. I joined another 3 and these are nightmares! 6 weeks long. Not clear what I will be paid. Some people are getting rewards and other are not (I haven't), not clear why some people are getting paid and others are not. I've just left 2 as they are so involved. I've spent 1 hr doing tasks for one. I don't think they think we have jobs, lives, families. Asking you to upload endless photos, keep diaries, etc. It is ridiculous! I'd love to leave the one I'm still in but I've spent hours so far there and I have to upload every day to a diary in order to get paid in October (let alone all the additional tasks and today there was another 2 added). All about stationery. I will never buy this stationery brand as their questions, tasks are absurdly detailed. Another good one I've got myself into trying to make money online. Is this something which other Toluna members here have done? Heads up if you do. These start to take over your evenings with uncertain financial rewards. Image

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
Original Poster
10 months ago

Moleskine and their precious stationery which they feel you should rub all over yourself and get down on your knees on worship. You have to see their tasks to believe it. Image

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