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Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Health Concerns

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Products sold by major retailers are being recalled this week over health concerns.

The affected items, which include a popular yoghurt brand and vegan alternatives, are currently being removed from shelves as a precautionary measure.

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Anam1 month ago

Thats why I always shop from Lidl. I don't like any other super market. Lidl is not lower in price but also quility is great.

dholly391 month ago

i do worry about this i check it at least a few times a week as my local lidl sometimes re call stuff.

i have 5 kids so it is a concern lately as theres been loads

garygemmell1 month ago

Yeah there is some buzz going on in certain forums about food from China possibly being conmtaminated with Coronavirus - they cannot confirm how long it can exist on food fresh or frozen but the fact it came from food in the first place as a i believe the Sars outbreak came from eating a Civet cat who knows - they are saying that there are actually over a million in China now infected but are keeping it quiet to avoid panic!

You cannot believe the BBC or Channel 4 I prefer RT and the dark web to find the truth!

BonzoBanana1 month ago

All Supermarkets have recalls and responding quickly to health concerns with products is very important. A quick look at this page shows lots of recalls at Lidl and Aldi on the page but that isn't a bad thing really, sweeping it under the carpet is the bad thing. Considering they are still smaller players seems Lidl and Aldi are listed quite frequently but normally if it involves pretty much all supermarkets they often list the largest 3 in the banner rather than list every supermarket effected which isn't a very catchy headline. I think one of the concerns was not health but ethical, i.e. vegan food with some milk in.


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