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UKs Six Richest People Have as Much Wealth as Poorest 13m

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What do you all think about the study and how do you feel about the wealth gap?

The study, conducted by the Equality Trust, reveals that the nation’s six billionaires who sit at the top of the wealth league have hoarded a combined fortune of £39.4 billion which is equal to the assets of around 13.2 million people in the UK.


a year ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibisa year ago

It has always been said that 5% of the richest people own 95% of the world's wealth, I believe it too!

BonzoBananaa year ago

Most of these billionaires if not all have created a lot of jobs in the UK and for them to have their tax base in the UK means more tax for the government to spend. The issue in the UK is the huge level of foreign ownership and the large trading deficit. People just buy what they want damaging the economy by exporting most of their wages and then they look for someone else to blame because the NHS is a falling apart etc. There are a lot more billionaires in the US, Germany, France etc.

Jim Ratcliffe has created a lot of well paid and highly skilled jobs and is building his new 4x4 vehicle in Wales would people rather all that industry was foreign owned with all profits going abroad creating even more debt for the country?

Unfortunately people are going to get a lot poorer in the future, we are at 1.8 trillion of debt or more and are in a terrible financial situation, it we stay in the EU that debt will continue to increase as before and if we leave the EU that debt could increase quicker in the short term at least as we adjust to being outside the EU. Poverty is going to get a lot worse not because of billionaires but because of the spending habits of the majority of people in this country.

PhilipMarca year ago

They can be wealthy, but if the world becomes completely destroyed then all that won't matter. Sure, they have bunkers but rebuilding the world themselves isn't something they'd care to.

The film "Threads" is fantastic.

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