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Using a Low-End (Slow) Computer and Want to Install Either 7 or 10 on It?


Some PCs (whether Desktop or Laptop) once came with Vista so since Vista is as dead as XP, you're left with installing Windows 7/10 or go with a Linux distro.

To know if your machine works better with Windows 7 or 10 (and vice-versa) you need to try it out yourself and you don't even need to waste DVDs to burn these days. Just download an ISO from Microsoft's website, 'burn' it on a USB and that's how it'll boot up.

By logic, a laptop/notebook/etc with Windows 8.0 should run fine with Windows 7, right? But it actually runs far better with Windows 10 instead, or the OS that came with it. It all depends on the hardware.

You can use this app to install the OS on the USB @ https://rufus.akeo.ie/

As for a Linux distro, those tend to run better on old hardware than Windows OS as they're light-weight operating systems. Lubuntu is an excellent choice but some people have a hard time figuring it out and expect it to work as if it were Windows (install .exe programs on Linux, lol).

By the way, really old machines (that can't even run XP at a decent pace) really ought to just use a Linux distro. There's nothing else for those anymore.

8 months ago
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