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Ok if a adult wonts to change life style but what I get annoyed by is when they have a child and make them vegan from day one your kids needs the vitamins that are produced in foods they look pale and ill

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis6 months ago

Speaking as a totally committed carnivore I understand exactly what you are saying. But I always try to see the other side. Carnivore parents would raise their kids as meat eaters, just as parents who follow a particular religion would raise their children in it. Some folk don't do blood transfusions not allow them for their kids, some don't eat pork etc etc. See where I am going?

If I were a vegan parent totally against meat eating, why would I give it to my child?

It is a shame the child has no choice, as I doubt they will start eating meat when older, but as long as the child is healthy and not neglected, not much we can do.

BonzoBanana6 months ago

I'm not a vegan but I can see absolutely no reason why children can't get all they need from a vegan diet. Lots of foods have high protein including nuts and mushrooms and most of the minerals are in vegetables and fruit. Plenty of fats and oils that are vegan.

Lots of advice by the NHS here.


I think probably the reality is some parents are just rubbish at feeding their children with the wrong food for a standard diet so probably no surprise there are some vegans too that don't realise they aren't providing the right diet for a child. The amount of dangerous GMO and junk food parents feed their children setting them up for a un-healthy life. There's probably a 1000 parents of a normal diet feeding their children badly for every 1 vegan parent feeding their children badly. I think generally vegan's are more informed about dietary health as some are vegan for health reasons rather than moral reasons.

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