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Whats the Best Coffee Machine to Go for for the Cheapest Pods


My friend asked me this and to be honest I dont have a clue.

We had a Nescafe Citiz but sold it after 2 weeks as its all a bit of a con really especially if you live in hard water areas and like an unfeasibly large cuppa like my BF does!

I see the Tassimo is on sale at currys for £29 but it seems the Nescafe Dolce gusto pods are more commonly available but can you get em cheap in HB Or B&M ound shops ETC???

Any coffee machine experts in the house?

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
Original Poster
6 months ago

It seems like it might be the Tassimo as i found thes today.


£0.49p for 8 pack seems very cheap.

But are they nice or nasty?

There is always a reason things are dirt cheap imho

This is supposed to be a good deal £3.99 for the same 8 pods for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto


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