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What's Happen to Your Fruit and Veg


Is it me but I've find our fruit and veg are getting rubbish and it do not last very long. Ie lettuce and cabbage are a lot smaller. No more big fat juice oranges. They are dry in side. All so strawberry got no taste. They are picked to early. Because some are still green. And all so it getting very dear to by fresh fruit and veg. And it's not keeping. I wish I could go to a farm shop and buy my fruit and veg.

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
SandyRhodes7 months ago

Supermarket fresh fruit and veg is not very good at all, i try to buy fresh produce from the markets but it is out of town and requires a special trip out so i have to stock up and then batch cook with it.

garygemmell7 months ago

In the village in Slovakia where I live everyone grows their own food, everyone leaves their doors open, there is 0% crime, no drunks, no thugs, no drugs - and the food, it tastes amazing - You can actually taste what tomatoes used to taste like - I remember my first trip to Slovakia the food blew my mind!

Fazulova polievka - wow!

Ohorkuvy salat - amazing!

And Chocoladvoy Buchty z makom - jeez the best cakes I ever did taste.

Loved it so much I bought my own house in the best village in Tatra!

RegularComper907 months ago

We don't seem to have many green grocers around anymore, which is where you get the best fruit and veg.

AgnesFaludi7 months ago

Because there is no sun most of the year in UK, lots of the fruit and veg can not be produced in the normal way and the sun makes them taste so good.

The University where I learnt proved, that the vegetables and fruits are loosing their nutrition and vitamin contents year by year.

ShellyAnn7 months ago

I'm a keen gardener with a south facing garden so I can grow potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chilli, lettuce, etc. This year to be different, I've got 3 pumpkins on the go. I'm going to try strawberries next year. Because we had winter until about May there has been a delay in all the plants in the garden. I didn't plant potatoes because of this, then I was on holiday, so only pumpkins this year. I have got a herb garden - parsley, basil, sage, rosemary, lemongrass and camomile going well. I'm lucky as my garden is just perfect for growing in.

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