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What's the Most Romantic Thing U Ever Had Done for U


Well the Darren romantic everyday coz he tells me he loves me 4 or 5 times a day x he also looks after me because of my.illness which is better then these huge gestures of buying cards n flowers on a day that's in my opinion is just a money making day .. he's not one for the big statements but I wouldn't change him ..

5 months ago
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nicolajaynehend5 months ago

Hi jojo Darren sounds very romantic. Not sure what I am getting . Might not get any thing. But i don't care. He is very though full he rings me every day. And ask if I want any thing. Not sure when I will see him. It's been 20 weeks now. But i know if I needed any thing he would get it for me. He means the world to me. And I don't mined waiting to see him. I now some people would give up but not me. I've been in bed the last 3 days full off the full. Only getting up to fed and let dogs out. It's knocked me for 6. And I've other health issue has well. Hope you are ok. I've been talking to Darren. He sounds a love man. 🦄🦄

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