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When posting a deal can or should a user give credit if he/she saw it elsewhere?


I.e., if someone previously saw a deal posted on HUKD before and now would like to share it on LD how would it work? Post as a deal or post with credits to the user who found it?

I've done the latter before which I think is the fair thing but at the same time, the HUKD staff member definitely wouldn't allow its posters to mention where they found the deal at though.

Kind of a double-standard we have here.

What do you think of this?
Dread5 months ago

Never mention HUKD should be the motto :ok_hand:

Doesn't matter where you saw it. HUKD would definitely not allow it and actively remove comments with mentions of other sites. The regular posters over on HUKD are not giving credit to the retailers who they have deals with sending them through emails for deals, and reddit where they take a lot from. In regards to this site if somebody gave you the deal or code then credit them.

SteveMate5 months ago

I think it may be best if you stop mentioning the site altogether. Those who're looking for deals but don't know about it may go there to look instead of here.

nemosays5 months ago

totally agree with Bash ... I don't even know why we are making it a topic of discussion.

Rockman5 months ago

nemosays Just to be somewhat fair and balanced.


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