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Why Coronavirus is so Easily Spread across Mainland Europe


That part itself is controlled by the EU, so with that in mind, the countries are mostly with its borders open, but as things have gotten really bad, Italy has closed, for example.

No one can really say for sure who or what country is safe, especially in Europe-EU as people can move freely and if they don't appear to have any symptoms they can jump from one country to another. If a country with closed borders gets the virus as it is, think how much easier it is for one that's open borders.

Some here might be in favor of open borders, but think of it this way: Would *you* allow a complete stranger into your house or land? Probably not. That's why we have doors and gates so it blocks strangers from getting in where they shouldn't.

garygemmell think this thread may interest you.

21 days ago
What do you think of this?
Johnny21 days ago

Swiss authorities had been reluctant to close the borders due to the number of cross-border workers who live in Italy but work in the Swiss healthcare sector.

Cassis (the Swiss foreign minister) said:

”The health reality is that we are interdependent on the European continent. Our neighbours know, for example, how much the Swiss healthcare system depends on border staff.”

Around 4,000 healthcare workers traverse the border daily - along with 70,000 workers in total.

There are hundreds of thousands of cross border workers all over Europe - unstoppable really. Then there’s the tourists, business travellers, and truck drivers to add to the equation.

I think it’s far too late to close borders. The coronavirus COVID-19 is already affecting 122 countries and territories around the world.

garygemmell21 days ago

PhilipMarc Really why thank you for your kind consideration lol

Well it is kinda obvious - 3rd world less sophisticated, poor medicine and doctors and sounds like Iran and middle east are in real trouble and with their loony views on life and repression of free speech and truth - well you figure it out!

Yip as I always said import third world become third world - too late now!

Those who love open borders lol they will probably still cling to that nonsense there is no convincing the lefty libtard Corbynite loony brigade they are the new Nazis!

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