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World Cup Looks like Harry Bringing the Golden Boot Home


This chat is following on to one of my first chats I did when I became active on this site ... The world cup has an award for the tournaments highest scoring person .. This is the golden boot ..Harry has scored 6 fabulous goals already even though on his last two appearances he has not scored any ... His closest rival left the tournament last night Belgium's Romelu Lukaku had 4 goals ... There is still the 3rd competitor still in the competition with 3 goals scored Kylian Mbappé the french wander kid .. Our very own Harry Kane has scored 6 ... Yes six and plays tonight against Croatia ... Lets hope and pray harry will not only bring the world cup home .. But also he could bring home the 2018 world cup golden boot .... A fantastic prize for Englands striker .. Its well deserved and hes worked hard for the recognition this award will bring with it .... Good luck tonight harry and the rest of the English team lets kick butt and get in that final ....The whole of England is behind you

8 months ago
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