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Xbox or Playstation?

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What do you like the most between xbox and playstation?

I like playstation but my son is a fan of xbox.

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
Glitterandgold14 days ago

I haven't played on either for a while but I always prefered the X Box.

garygemmell14 days ago

Just bought my first console in the black friday sale Xbox One S Digital for ÂŖ69 GREAT DEAL.

Havent had a console since my Atari 2600

Problem is i have bought a few games for it but I havent played anything on it yet?

Will it join the popcorn machine, candyfloss machine and slushy maker in that cupboard that houses all the gadgets you bought that you thought looked great at the time but takes too long to clean or a hassle to use hmmmmm


RegularComper9014 days ago

We still have an old Atari 2600 stashed away somewhere, along with a load of games.

I wonder how much all of that would be worth now? 🤔 🕹ī¸

garygemmell14 days ago

RegularComper90 Me too but no original box - do you have the paddle controllers as well?

I have maze runner and space invaders and i think the tank game but not much else we were really poor when we were young - my dad used to take us to the local dump we got our hoovers and stuff from there and dad would repair it all and reuse it - some of the things he madeus for christmas would put Harrods to shame - he once made me a 6 foot by 6 foot cowboy fort with individuall hand carved wooden poles , little soldier houses even made the things that they tied the horses too and each corner had a little fort tower it was amazing - wish i had photos my dad was a brilliant craftsman you rarely see stuff like that these days except hand made for Harrods and millionaires kids!

Hold on i am awa for a wee blubb!

đŸ˜Ē đŸ˜Ē đŸ˜Ē

BonzoBanana13 days ago

I preferred the original xbox to ps2, preferred the ps3 to xbox 360 and prefer the ps4 to xbox one but only marginally as they are very similar consoles. I don't think I will being buying both consoles for this new generation, I think I'm going to sort out a better PC and perhaps just get the PS5 later when its discounted (not at launch). I currently have the original PS4 and the first edition Xbox One. At one point I was very keen to get a PS4 pro but then I lost interest in the idea as it only really delivered a higher resolution which I wasn't too bothered about. I don't like paying for xbox live or psn and prefer steam which has no monthly costs. For portable systems I'm happy with google for android games etc. Seems like steam and google provide better value. I'm also more interested nowadays in modded games, playing my favourite games like Skyrim, Fallout series etc with new mods. I often find that more enjoyable than buying new games.

Ultimately if you are choosing a gaming device look at which console best serves your gaming interests. PS5 I'm sure will have many more Japanese developed games which might be important to you. Xbox Live used to provide a more robust online network so if multiplayer is more important that could be better, personally I'm not really into multiplayer games I like the scripted single player experiences like Skyrim, Fallout, Half Life etc.

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