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Win one of 20,000 return flights in Name That Destination @ Jet2.com

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  • Ended: 22 days ago
  • Entry method: Website
  • How often you can enter: Once
Shared by Bestoffer
a month ago
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Announced on email: "We’re giving you the chance to WIN one of 20,000 return flights in our Name That Destination competition! All you need to do is name 10 of our 58 destinations correctly in our picture quiz for your chance to WIN. The competition will be on between Monday 7 November and Friday 11 November, from 7:00am to 9:00pm – meaning we’ll be giving away a return flight every 15 seconds!

"With such great prizes, our competition is destined to be incredibly popular! Get a head start by doing a practice run now and keep sharp outside of competition hours. That way, you’ll be good to go and in the know about our destinations. Good luck!"

It's not live until Monday 7th November, but you can practise the questions now until it goes live.

Looks like it's only one per household, but it includes 22kg baggage and you can exchange it for a £200 off deal with Jet2holidays, minimum two people travelling.

There's also a selfie competition that people can enter if they win a return flight - if you take a selfie once you've won, you're entered

Kelsey25 days ago

Seems this is popular competition - I keep stumbling across people on the internet talking about the Jet2 competition to win all these flights.

Good find Bestoffer :thumbsup:

Bestoffer25 days ago

Glad To Hear It Not For Me Though Flyings For The Birds


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