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Save 51%

100 x Nespresso compatible Coffee Capsules at bargain price!

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Shared by nemosays
a month ago
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A good cup-of-joe anyone? :coffee: I do love my coffees me... would've grabbed this deal only if I had a Nespresso Machine!

So, if you have one, you must stock up on this fab aromatic coffees!Mmm... just the thought of it and my brain in smelling the coffee!! Wowcher has this fab deal on the coffee pods at the moment! £10.99 instead of £22.70 (from Fine Coffee Club) for 100 Nespresso-compatible capsules in 10 fragrant flavours including Light Roast, Intense and Decaffeinated - save 52%

:coffee: Highlights:

Get your hands on 100 coffee pods.

Compatible with Nespresso machines.

In 10 carefully selected rich blends.

With 10 capsules of each.

Enjoy a fabulous range of strengths and fragrant flavours (see below).

Perfect for your morning caffeine hit!


Click on the link above and follow the purchase instructions.

Happy :coffee: time!

:heart: nemosays


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