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Active Manuka Honey 375g - Save £22.50!
Save 75%

Active Manuka Honey 375g - Save £22.50!

Get from Holland & Barrett
Shared by nemosays
5 months ago
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Whoa...! Check out the savings on this Wellbeeing Active Manuka Honey over at Holland & Barretts! Crazy price drop from £29.99 to only £7.49 for a 375g jar!!

Now if like me you go through bottles of honey, then better stock up on these beauties. Now the website does say 'Expires Feb 2017', hence why it is in the Reduced to Clear section of the website. But if you use them daily like I do.... stock up I say! :honey_pot: :bee:

:heavy_check_mark: Active New Zealand manuka honey

:heavy_check_mark: Certified bio-activity rating of 12+

:heavy_check_mark: Tested by a certified independent laboratory

Well Beeing Active Manuka Honey; enjoy this rich tasting pure New Zealand honey from happy healthy bees that feed off the pollens from New Zealand's unspoilt and beautiful paradise from one of the premium brands.

Active Manuka honey is tested by a certified independent laboratory for its total activity which predominantly relates to the levels of naturally occurring Peroxide Activity. Well Beeing Active Manuka Honey is certified to a Bio-Activity rating of Active 12+ using the Total Activity of the Phenol Equivalent.

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