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Beauty Advent Calendar Bargain
Save 66%

Beauty Advent Calendar Bargain

Get from Argos
Shared by ThriftyMum
6 months ago
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Huge discount on Argos' 24 days of beauty Christmas advent calendar!

ThriftyMum x

What do you think of this Argos deal?
nemosays6 months ago

Ooops this one's already posted by Bestoffer

ThriftyMum6 months ago

Hmmm wonder why it didn't recognise the link?

nemosays6 months ago

ThriftyMum ye that's what I was thinking :thinking: one for Kelsey I think :relaxed:

SteveMate6 months ago

The links are different that's why it didn't pick up on it. It happens all the time with Argos deals.

Kelsey6 months ago

Hi guys, Bash is right - Argos confusingly have different links for the same product which makes it difficult to automatically detect duplicates!

As Bestoffer got here first on this one I'll expire this deal but thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:


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