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NEW - Stock Checker

NEW - Stock Checker

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Shared by Tom
9 days ago
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If you're looking for the Latest Deals Stock Checker, click here.

Stock Checker is a free tool. It alerts you when hard-to-find items are in-stock online.

Note from Tom: You can find the tool in the menu under 'more', and on the left hand side bar when visiting via desktop.

I am writing this as a deal in case people search for 'Stock Checker' and can't find the page :thumbsup:

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What do you think of this LatestDeals.co.uk deal?
nemosays9 days ago

Super Like :heart:

Rockman9 days ago

It'd be more convenient and useful if the Stock Checker was clearly seen among the rest. Like for example:

Deals | Vouchers | Freebies | Competitions | Stock Checker | Chat | More

Tom9 days ago

Hey Rockman, it'd be great to give quick access to Stock Checker in the top menu. As the site grows in features and tools (Domino's, Amazon Discount Finder, Stock Checker + More to Come) it's becoming difficult to fit everything in.

For people with smaller laptops and monitors, 11" - 13", there isn't actually any more space on the top navigation menu. If you try making your browser smaller you'll see how the space crunches up.

Until we figure out a better way to organise the navigation, you can find it tucked under 'More' and also on the side bar for desktop users.

Kelsey is working hard right now on improving the search function. I have a feeling this may become more useful too. e.g. You search "stock checker" and the page comes up.

Thanks again for your feedback

Rockman9 days ago

Tom Hm, so that's why. Thanks for the clarification.

ptenn009 days ago

great idea!

Tom9 days ago

Hope you enjoy it. It's a new tool so please let us know if you spot any quirks

Dread9 days ago

Nice. Useful addition :thumbsup:

hspexy8 days ago


joolsiejule8 days ago

Thank you

lukols12 days ago

Thank you.Great idea.


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