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Tefal Frying Pan Discount, Set of 2 for £17.50
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Tefal Frying Pan Discount, Set of 2 for £17.50

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Shared by Tom
2 months ago
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Tesco has reduced the price of this Tefal frying pan two-piece set.

Now you can get both for £17.50, reduced from £35. That works out to be £8.75 each. They are 20cm, and 28cm in diameter which is a regular, and large size.

You can also get a 5-piece set for £45 at Tesco, another good discount, but if you fancy it in a swanky red colour, Amazon has it for £43.19 with free delivery.

Plus, if you're only after the one frying pan, not two (or five), have a read of my cheapest frying pan guide here. There's a big selection available.

Why does my non-stick frying pan stop being non-stick in a ridiculously short period of time?

After experimenting with various frying pans over the year, I've come to realise that all non-stick frying pans become rubbish - it's just a question of when. Those coated with teflon last longest. When you read 'a non-stick coating' and not 'teflon', I recommend avoiding.

Are the Jamie Oliver frying pans any good?

Jamie Oliver recently brought out a range of frying pans. In actual fact, they're exactly the same as Tefal frying pans (same brand) just with his face on the packaging. No point paying more.

Tom :fingers_crossed_tone3:

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1 Comment
Johnny2 months ago

These Tefal pans are great. Nice one Tom


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