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The Long Walk to Freedom
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The Long Walk to Freedom

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Shared by Tom
6 months ago
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An insight into the mind of an incredible man who led his country from one of the most turbulent periods of racism to a more peaceful path. Mandela went to jail for over 20 years, but never, not for one second, was deterred from his vision.


Congratulations! You've found the first deal ever to be published on LatestDeals.co.uk. It was shared in his memory and honour, a nod towards the wisdom of long-term thinking.

What follows is an entry from my journal in April 2016, before Latest Deals existed. It details how the team came together and the struggles we faced.

April 2016

Deepak found it first. Someone had already done what we wanted to do. It was as if my achilles heel had been cut before I had even begun the race.

"We can't reach out to him because it'll validate his idea," Deepak said. The website was called Pedlar and been developed by Tom Kelsey, a brilliant programmer from Bristol.

It had everything we wanted, even users. Not many, and that's what gave us encouragement - maybe we weren't too late - but we were scared. What if he got investment and gained critical mass? We'd be too late.

I wanted to get in touch with Kelsey and invite him to join us. I imagined us forming a Roman Triumvirate, the three pillars of an empire, for the complimentary skills were too rosy to ignore. Deepak was unsure.

I picked up the phone and dialled his number.

The conversation was short but honest and to the point. I explained who Deepak and I were and that we wanted to create a new tool focusing on deals and discounts. One that would help others save money. I asked Kelsey if he'd be interested and open to the idea of participation. He said yes.

He asked what that participation would look like and as the conversation was going well I got to it: 'We're wondering whether you'd like to join us in starting a new company?'

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