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Get The Clever App That Automatically Saves Up Money For You!

Get The Clever App That Automatically Saves Up Money For You!

Available from Chip
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How we work out how much to save 🏫

We use average data from all Chip savers (we’ve analysed well over 180 million transactions). We cross reference this data against your profile (age, where you live, etc…), to calculate how much you should put aside.

But we don’t just tell you what you should stash, we do it all for you. We’ll move your money into a Chip account (we call this an automatic save) every few days.

You’ll have the chance to cancel an automatic save before any money leaves your bank account. And you can also move money manually whenever you want, and put up to £10,000 into your Chip account in total.

But, to properly enjoy the AI magic of Chip and get personalised saves that you really won’t feel, you need to fully connect your bank to Chip using your online banking credentials...

Personalised AI - the magic of Chip 🤖

After you fully connect your bank, we can use your transaction data to calculate exactly how much you can afford to put aside, based on how much you’re spending.

Our AI is smart enough to move just the right amount. Enough to be useful (i.e. not pennies - the average automatic save is around £20), but not so much that you’ll notice your bank balance dropping, or miss any of your direct debits. And it should never push you into your overdraft.

What do you think of this freebie?
JessHindle2 months ago

Thank you very much for sharing this freebie will try this out

studentgirl1232 months ago

I really need this to encourage me to start saving money, I just find it so hard to do so this could be life-changing for me!

archanat30 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing with us

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