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Free Lunch Meal Deal at Boots

Free Lunch Meal Deal at Boots

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Shared by Tom
3 months ago
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You can get a free lunch from Boots if you buy their meal deal regularly.

The store is offering your 6th meal deal for free, if you have a Boots Advantage Card.

This is a free reward card that you can apply for online via the link I've given you.


But, there's also a second discount you can use making this even more attractive.

Every Monday, Boots offers a £1 meal deal for people with the O2 Priority App.

This is a free app that anyone on O2 can get (if you're not on O2, I can show you how to get the app for free anyway).

This means you could get a free meal deal (worth £3), by spending just £6 instead of £18.

A great saving.

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AgnesFaludi3 months ago

Thank you for sharing this.

hayleyroddaa month ago

how do you go about redeeming your 6th free meal deal? Once you've bought 5 along the month does it just automatically take off the 6th one free when you scan your advantage card through the checkout ? on purchasing my 5th meal deal the receipt stated "I have now bought 1meal deal please buy 4 more to claim.....blah blah"

like as if it started again without me recieving a free meal deal x

Toma month ago

hey hayleyrodda thank you for your message - that sounds very odd and an error from Boots. I'd recommend speaking to someone in the store, try and see if they can check your advantage card for you.


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