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Free Sheepskin Insoles with Snow Paw UK Brochure

Free Sheepskin Insoles with Snow Paw UK Brochure

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Shared by Tom
7 months ago
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If you order the Snow Paw UK brochure you can get free winter sheep skin insoles for your shoes worth £10.

The brochure is free to order and the insoles are worth £10.

Keep your feet warm this winter and enjoy browsing the brochure. They have lots of lovely boots and shoes on offer.

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Kelsey7 months ago

I need some of these in my life! Hopefully this freebie lasts as I'd imagine it'll soon get a whole bunch of requests :grin:

kayleigh397 months ago

Awesome! Just ordered them! :100:

dmchkma7 months ago

did they asked for your payment details

Tom7 months ago

donnahartley849 nope - it says "no payment information required" and I got email confirmation after it went through. Try on desktop if you're using mobile.

Looks like a really nice company. Love the look of their classic slippers.

kayleigh397 months ago

donnahartley849 No. I accessed the site via my MacBook and it asked for my shoe size, name and address and said 'No payment details required" :smile:

floorflock7 months ago

out of stock!

Tom7 months ago

Thank you :blush:


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