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Best Broadband Deals and How to Choose

Tamires Criscio
Tamires Criscio
  | Edited by Tom Church
Updated 11th February 2021

Are you confused about what is the best broadband deal for you? Read this article and find out how to choose the best deal for you. Latest Deals has all the answers to the questions you probably have been asking yourself regarding broadband packages offers. Don’t worry, getting the best broadband package is easier and faster than you think!

The Best Broadband Deals

We research all available broadband deals and filter them. Later in this guide, we have more comparison tables for different features.

Below, you will find our hand-picked top broadband deals. Each has a download speed of at least 50Mbps, includes line rental, has unlimited data usage, and is sorted by the cheapest monthly cost:

ProviderDownload SpeedContractMonthly Cost
Virgin Media10818£27.99

How to choose the right broadband deal: 9 important questions

When you are getting a broadband package, you need to keep in mind different factors that will affect your choice. There are nine key questions you should ask: 

1. How do you plan on using your broadband? 


This is important when choosing your new broadband package: You don't want to overpay for something you don't need.

We research the best broadband deals with five user-types in mind:

  • Light internet user: You are not online frequently. You only use the internet to send and receive emails, to do online banking, to read the news, to do some online shopping, and to check and post on social media. These activities do not require a fast internet connection. This is recommended for a single person. 
  • Moderate internet user: You do all the activities above and some streaming. You watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime or other streaming services every night. This is recommended for more than one person per household. 
  • Heavy internet user: You do all the activities above and are working from home, or gaming, or streaming in Ultra HD. This is recommended for families. 
  • Students: Usually, there are some special packages created for students. We will talk more about them in this guide.
  • Business: If you are looking for a broadband connection for your business, you also need a special package. We will also talk more about them. 

Which best describes you?

2. How are you planning to connect to the internet? 


Now that you know what type of internet user you are, you need to understand the technology behind a broadband connection. This will impact the internet speed you need. Just like choosing a car, not everyone needs a Ferrari.  

  • ADSL

This is a standard connection and the oldest type. All ADSL connections are provided by BT landline infrastructure. You will need a phone line to get this connection. There are two types available: ADSL1 and ADSL2. The second one is the fastest. 

We only recommend this one if there is no other option available in your area or if you are a light internet user. This is a more unstable connection due to the copper wires used to connect your house to the street cabinet and the street cabinet to the telephone exchange. 

  • Fibre

This is the most modern type of broadband you can get at the moment. This is fast and stable. You also have two types of fibre connection. The one provided by Virgin Media connects your house to the street cabinet with a coaxial cable. Then the street cabinet to the telephone exchange with a fibre optic cable. For this one, you don't need a phone line. 

The other type is the one provided by other companies, like BT and Sky. This connects your house to the street cabinet with copper wire instead of a coaxial cable. Then the street cabinet to the telephone exchange with fibre optic cable. 

The best is the one provided by Virgin Media because of the coaxial cable, and this is recommended to heavy internet users and businesses. 

Later in this guide we will give you a comparison table of the best fibre optic broadband deals.

  • Satellite

This is recommended for rural areas where the cables don't arrive yet. This is more expensive and less stable. 

  • FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home)

This is a new technology, resulting in the fastest speed. Although, it's not popular for domestic use. This is recommended for businesses. 

  • Mobile broadband

This works similarly to the internet you get on your phone. The only difference is that instead of using it on your mobile, you can use it on all the other devices. You will get a dongle to connect on your computer or laptop. 

This is good for people who work in different sites and don't want to rely on the internet available on them. Also, for people that have more than one house and are often travelling between them. 

3. What broadband connection can you get in your area? 


Now that you know what type of internet user you are and what types of broadband you can choose from, you need to check what is available to you. 

As we have explained, the most common broadband in the UK uses cables. To get connected to the internet, you will need to be able to have access to these cables in your address. 

You need to check with your postcode what you can get. Many websites can give you this information. We have listed some options below: 

You can also check this information on the providers’ websites. 

4. How much data are you planning to use? 


Depending on the type of internet user you are, you will need more or less data. Usually, most packages come with unlimited data, so you don't really need to worry about that. 

If the plan you are choosing has limited data, this is more or less what you will need: 

  • Light internet users: up to 10GB a month. 
  • Moderate internet users: more than 10GB and up to 30GB a month. 
  • Heavy internet users: more than 40GB and up to 80GB a month (especially, for gaming and 4K streaming). 

5. What broadband speed do you need? 


This also depends on the type of internet user you are. The more you use the internet, the more speed you need. The provider will give you an estimated speed, but this can vary depending on your settings. We have an article with 20 ways to boost your broadband speed. These are some of the speeds you can get: 

  • Light internet users: a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. 
  • Moderate internet users: anything between 10 Mbps and 106 Mbps. Probably around 50 and 60Mbps. 
  • Heavy internet users: a minimum speed of 108Mbps and a maximum of 516Mbps.

The importance of upload speed 

Most internet users are more concerned about download speed, which is how fast you can access data online. But if you have a Youtube Channel, for example, you will be uploading content, so you need to worry about the upload speed. 

This is usually slower when compared to the download one. You can still find some packages that offer higher upload speeds. Anything around 30 to 70Mbps is a pretty fast option. 

6. For how long do you need a broadband contract? 


Most broadband packages come with a contract for 18 to 24 months. You can usually leave the contract after 12 months. You can also leave if you are not getting the speed promised. 

Nowadays the cheapest broadband providers are giving the option to go contractless. This can be great if you don't want the commitment. These same providers, often, offer 12-month contracts. 

7. How much money are you planning to spend on broadband monthly? 


If you are budgeting, you will need to know how much you can afford to spend on broadband monthly. The packages for only broadband can range from £20 per month to £100 per month. You can get a good deal for around £40 per month. 

You need to keep in mind that some packages come with extra fees in the beginning. Others come cheaper in the beginning and get more expensive after a couple of months. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s a good idea to see how much it will cost you per year to make sure you are picking the cheapest package. 

Be aware of hidden and extra costs 

Be aware that you will probably be paying for hidden and extra costs. This is how the game is played and you will need to roll with it. Some of the costs are: 

  • Set-up fees: You will be tempted to install it yourself, but it’s more complicated than it looks. If you don't have a cable that gets inside your house, you won't be able to just plug in your router. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a property with the right cable waiting for you. TIP: If you are renting, ask what the previous tenant's internet provider was to use the same infrastructure. 
  • Delivery fees: Sometimes this is free, sometimes it is not. So expect at least £5 charges for the delivery fee. 
  • Newline fee: If unfortunately, you need to get a new phone line, this can be pretty expensive. This could cost around £50.

8. Do you only need broadband or television and telephone too? 


Another point to take into consideration is if you are going to get a bundle. Keep in mind that for some broadband packages you need to get a phone line because this is the cable used to get the internet into your house. Others don't require one. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting bundles. We will list them here for you: 

Broadband and telephone


If you are getting broadband that comes with a phone line, you can also get a call plan. But only get one if you are going to be at home during the day to be using your phone line. 

  • Advantage: it’s cheap. You can get some international calls packages for a pretty good price.
  • Disadvantage: It’s more unstable. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have a monthly paid mobile phone, check with your provider to see if you can get a broadband package as well. This could be much cheaper because you are already a customer. The contrary also applies. 

Broadband and television


This package is very common. If you are getting a new TV package at BT, for example, you will need to get a broadband package as well. But only get one if you are going to watch the channels that are available in the package and you can not get them for cheaper. 

  • Advantage: You will only have one monthly bill. 
  • Disadvantage: It can get more expensive in the long run. Usually, the internet in these packages gets more expensive with time. In addition, you will need to pay for a TV licence. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Today there are so many options to watch free TV shows and movies online. There are also many paid streaming services available. You don't really need a traditional TV package anymore. 

Broadband, telephone and television


This is a package for those who want an all in one package. As mentioned above, just get one if you know you are going to make or receive phone calls and if you are really watching the channels available to you. 

  • Advantage: You will only have one monthly bill. 
  • Disadvantage: If you have a problem with the cables from that provider, you will have issues with your broadband, telephone and television. They will be all connected to the same cable. In addition, you will also need to pay for a TV licence. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can find cheaper options by getting these services separately. If you only use your mobile phone and are streaming more than watching Live TV, you don't need a bundle. 

9. What are the best and cheapest broadband providers in the UK? 

Now the last question is what provider to choose from? We have selected some of biggest broadband providers in the UK. They either provide the best services or the cheapest packages. Access their sites to see their deals.

What are the Cheapest Broadband Deals?

Below you will find some of the cheapest broadband deals. This includes both ADSL and fibre, and is sorted by monthly cost. Keep in mind there are big differences in the speeds available:

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContractMonthly CostFees
Now TVADSL1112£18.00
TalkTalkFibre - Copper Cable3818£22.00
VodafoneFibre - Copper Cable3524£22.95
VodafoneFibre - Copper Cable6324£22.95
PlusnetFibre - Copper Cable3612£22.99
PlusnetFibre - Copper Cable4012£22.99
Now BroadbandFibre - Copper Cable3612£23.00

What are the Fastest Broadband Deals?

If all you care about is speed and cost is not a problem, here is a comparison table of the top 14 broadband deals sorted by maximum download speed:

ProviderDownload SpeedContractMonthly Cost
Virgin Media100018£62.00
Virgin Media10818£27.99

What are the Cheapest Fibre Broadband Deals?

If you want fibre broadband, here are the cheapest 15 deals. Sorted by monthly cost:

Please note, this does not include Hyperoptic which is a fibre broadband provider in London only. (It would be at the top if it was nationwide!)

ProviderDownload SpeedContractMonthly Cost
Now Broadband 3612£23.00

What is the Best Value for Speed Broadband?

This is a tricky question and we're geeking out now. We divide the monthly cost by the download speed available. It's a bit like looking at the per gram cost in the supermarket. It gives you a good indicator if the speed you are getting is good value for money.

The following comparison table shows you the top 15 deals sorted by cost per speed (£/mbps):

ProviderDownload SpeedContractMonthly CostCost Per Speed
(Mbps)(Months)(£)(£ per Mbps)
Virgin Media100018£62.00£0.06
Virgin Media10818£27.99£0.26

Student broadband deals 


The difference between standard broadband deals and student deals is the contract length. Because students are usually away for their holiday break, the contract may only be 2-9 months long. The monthly cost prices are almost the same, but pay attention to fees:

ProviderDownload SpeedContractMonthly CostFees
Now Broadband36.82£23.00£60.00
Now Broadband73.52£24.00£60.00



BT is the biggest broadband provider in the UK. It also has full control of the UK’s landline infrastructure. If you are getting a broadband connection that is not from Virgin Media, the infrastructure that is being used is from BT. BT’s standard packages range from 33Mbps to 73Mbps. We recommend this for moderate internet users. 

Best BT Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContractMonthly Cost
BTFibre - Copper3612£24.99
BTFibre - Copper3624£26.99
BTFibre - Copper7324£31.99



Sky is one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK, offering not only good broadband but the best TV packages you can get. Sky knows how competitive the broadband market is and has been stepping up its game. You can find competitive prices for all different types of broadband.

 Another addition to Sky's portfolio is NOW Broadband. This is related to NOW TV and their on-demand TV packages. NOW Broadband also offers different broadband packages. With NOW Broadband you have the option to be contractless, which is great if you move around a lot. Keep in mind that you will need to pay £60 upfront to go "contractless"

Best Sky Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContract Monthly Cost
SkyFibre - Copper5918£27.00
SkyFibre - Copper14518£35.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: this comes with an average upload speed of 16MBps.

Virgin Media 


As mentioned above, Virgin Media works a bit differently. The company has better and exclusive technology due to the use of a coaxial cable. This type of cable is more reliable than copper cable.

Only with Virgin Media packages, you don't need a phone line, which is it’s the biggest advantage. In addition, at the moment, the fastest internet available for domestic use is from Virgin Media. 

We recommend Virgin Media if you are a heavy internet user and for families. Keep in mind that the other broadband providers are trying to get to the same level as Virgin Media, but this will take a while. 

Best Virgin Media Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContract Monthly Cost
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial10818£27.99
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial100018£62.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: Virgin Media has the best ultrafast broadband deals in the market at the moment. Unfortunately, this means that you will be paying a higher price after the contract is over. Another issue is the upload speed which is much slower (around 10Mbps) compared to the download speed. 



Plusnet is one of the cheapest broadband providers in the UK and has one of the best customer services as well. If you want to get a cheap broadband plan, Plusnet is probably the best choice. We only recommend it for light internet users. Plusnet belongs to BT.

Best Plusnet Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload Speed Contract (Months)Monthly Cost (£)
PlusnetFibre - Copper3612£22.99
PlusnetFibre - Copper4012£22.99
PlusnetFibre - Copper7212£24.99

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that Plusnet promises an average speed of 10Mbps, and the minimum speed you can get is 2.5Mbps. This is not ideal as by law the minimum speed should be 10Mbps. But you pay less than £20 per month and it’s only tied up for a year. 

EE Broadband


EE Broadband also belongs to BT. This is an excellent choice if you are already a EE customer as you can get 10% off from your new broadband deal and many other advantages. EE is a reference for mobile network providers in the UK. It could also be great if you are looking for mobile broadband. 

Best EE Broadband Deals 

ProviderTypeDownload Speed Contract Monthly Cost
EEFibre - Copper3618£27.00
EEFibre - Copper90018£60.00



This is a great option if you are looking for frozen prices throughout the entire length of your contract. With Talk Talk, you are guaranteed to pay the same price no matter how long your contract is. 

TalkTalk is also stepping up its game because it’s trying to improve its customer service reputation. Between 2018 and 2019, Talk Talk was the least recommended broadband provider. 

They have launched “the UK’s latest and greatest fibre technology” with a download speed of 147Mbps. This is faster than Sky’s fastest broadband plan. You can get this for three months for free, with no extra costs or hidden fees, and pay after this time £32 per month for a 24-month contract. 

Best TalkTalk Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContract Monthly Cost
TalkTalkFibre - Copper3818£22.00
TalkTalkFibre - Copper14518£28.00



Vodafone broadband is a good option if you are looking for cheaper deals and good quality. This is especially better for Vodafone's existing customers. Vodafone probably has one of the cheapest standard plans in the UK. For £22 per month, you can get a broadband speed of 35MBps for a 24-month contract.

Best Vodafone Broadband Deals

ProviderTypeDownload SpeedContractMonthly Cost
VodafoneFibre - Copper6324£22.95
VodafoneFibre - Copper3524£22.95
VodafoneFibre - Copper90024£48.00

Read about the broadband provider’s customer service

You should also take into account the company's customer service before choosing the best broadband deal for you. Make sure you read some customer reviews before getting a new contract. 




To choose the best broadband deal for you, you need to understand what you need and what is available to you. Use all the information and tools above to compare the deals you can get. Make broadband speeds a priority and get a plan that is fast and stable. Keep in mind that It’s always better to get faster than slower.

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