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How to save money at Morrisons

Do you want to save money on your next visit to Morrisons? It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in-store or online, Latest Deals has gathered all the information you need to make the most of your Morrisons shopping experience. Learn how to save money on your Morrisons grocery shopping with our guide.

In this guide

What is Morrisons?

Morrisons is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, behind Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA. Morrisons was founded in 1899 by Willian Morrison. Today, Morrisons serves more than 10 million shoppers every week and employs more than 100,000 people across the UK.  

Where is Morrisons? 


Morrisons supermarket stores were first opened in the North of the UK, but after some years, they spread across the South as well. 

How many Morrisons stores are there in the UK? 

You can find almost 500 Morrisons stores in the UK. 

Where is my nearest Morrisons?

Today you can find your nearest supermarket using the store locator tool on Morrisons’ official website. 

Morrisons Opening Hours 

Morrisons Opening Hours can differ depending on where you live in the UK. To make sure you get the correct opening hours of the store you are planning to visit, check Google before your visit. 

What time does Morrisons open? 


Most Morrisons stores open around 7 AM on weekdays and Saturdays. This can change depending on the location or if it’s a national holiday. 

It’s very common for supermarkets in the UK to open later on Sundays, usually, around 11 AM. Some Morrisons stores open at 9.30 AM on Sundays. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you work for the NHS, at the moment, January 2021, you can get access to Morrisons stores earlier, from 6 to 7 AM during weekdays and on Saturdays. On Sundays, NHS workers can also get access to stores one hour before normal opening hours.

What time does Morrisons close? 


Most Morrisons stores close around 11 PM during the week and on Saturdays. This can change depending on the location or if it’s a national holiday. 

It’s very common for supermarkets in the UK to close earlier on Sundays, usually around 5 PM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When planning your next Morrisons physical visit, take these opening times into account. Especially on Sundays, where you can find the doors closed at different times.

How to save money at Morrisons? 7 ways to save money on your Morrisons shopping


1. Morrisons More — the best way to save money at Morrisons 

If you don’t have it, you need to get one today. With Morrisons More Card and App you can make the most of your Morrisons shopping experience. You will receive a Morrisons More Card and you can download the Morrisons More App to be able to use your phone as a card as well. 

With Morrisons More, you will earn 5 points for every £1 you spend in-store and online, including at Morrisons Cafes. You can also earn 5 points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons. You get £5 vouchers for every 5,000 points you earn. With Morrisons More, you can also join 5 different clubs: teachers, NHS workers, students, Christmas Savers and Baby & More. 

2. Morrisons food boxes 

Morrisons took the food boxes scheme to another level. You can choose from Every day Boxes or Eat Fresh Boxes. All boxes can be received weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and they include the delivery fee as well. Every day boxes can’t be changed but the Eat Fresh ones, you can select the recipes you want to cook. They can be an excellent way to save money. 

The best Every day Boxes are: 5 Meals to Feed a Family of 4 Box, for £30 and the Cupboard Essentials Box, for £20. You can also get boxes for alcoholic beverages, flowers, sweets and dietary restrictions such as vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free. 

The Eat Fresh boxes are available for 2 or 4 people with 3 to 5 recipes. A weekly box for 2 people with 3 recipes starts at £21. 

3. Morrisons available at Too Good to Go App

Depending on your location, you can get Morrisons at Too Good to Go App. You just need to download the app and search for Morrisons there. Then, you can grab your box of food worth at least £10 for just £3.09 at the end of the day. The boxes usually include vegetables, fruits and baked goodies. 

4. Morrisons Savers food range 

Morrisons has one of the biggest low priced food ranges in the UK. Morrisons Savers has more than 250 products.You can find all the basic food and drink products you need and also cleaning supplies. Make sure you always check for products in Morrisons Savers first to get it cheaper. The quality is great too.

5. Morrisons’ wonky veggies box

You can find these at Morrisons stores. A wonky veggies box will contain misshapen veggies, not losing anything in nutritional quality or flavour. These wonky veggies are much cheaper than the traditional ones, only missing on the aesthetical side.  A box that usually would cost you £20, can be bought for only £3.50. Keep in mind that they are seasonal. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you buy these boxes you are helping to avoid food waste. You also support seasonal products that are much more sustainable for the environment. You can help the planet while saving money!

6. Morrisons’ yellow sticker discounts

Morrisons also has yellow sticker discounts, which can save you tons of money. At Morrisons, these yellow stickers discounts can be found at 5 PM and 7 PM. The first round is at 5 PM and the discounts are usually up to 50%. The second round is at 7 PM and the discounts are usually up to 75%. At Morrisons, you have more luck finding bargains when shopping later. 

7. Morrisons 10% off discounts for teachers and NHS workers 

If you are a teacher or an NHS worker, you get 10% off every time you shop at Morrisons. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, so make sure you are using this benefit. You just need to apply for a Morrisons More Card and join your club, either as the teacher one or the  NHS one. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE: This is available as of the moment, January 2021. Morrisons can change it anytime. If you are a student you can also get some special discounts. Make sure you get your Morrisons More Card and join the student club. 

What do Latest Deals Members think about Morrisons? 


Our members have shared some comments about their shopping experiences at Morrisons. Some of them commented that: 

“I have been doing click and collect recently and the young lad they have employed to help out on a Saturday is brilliant.” 

“I love their tin soups, they do lots of flavours and are I think 39p a tin at the moment, they have been 35p and 38p recently.”

“Morrisons has the best hot food and bakery section for me, reasonably priced and not soggy or deflated products, and their butchers is quite decent.”

“I love the hot food counter, the salad bar is brilliant, they have fantastic own brand items, their nappy pants are the best ones I've ever used and their clothing range is just brilliant, especially the children's clothes. They also do some brilliant yellow sticker bargains.”

“I enjoy their bakery products, and they have a good range, all at affordable prices. And if you forget your loyalty card, you have 30 days on the receipt to add it on via customer service.”

We have gathered some of their opinions and listed below the positives and the negatives of shopping at Morrisons. Keep in mind that the experiences can be different depending on their locations in the UK and if they are shopping in-store or online. 

Some of the Latest Deals’ members also shared in our Facebook Group - Cheap Supermarket Cooking that they have a good experience when shopping at Morrisons. Most of them don’t shop at Morrisons. 

These are some of the things our members pointed out as positives: 

  • Good cakes selection and for a cheap price. 
  • Morrisons’ own brand is much cheaper, without a depreciation of quality.
  • Fresh fish counter with plenty of choice.
  • Friendly and useful local staff. 
  • Reduced section with good bargains. 
  • Morrisons More Card is perfect to collect vouchers. 
  • Good selection of non-dairy milk. Their coconut milk is one of the best in the market. 
  • Good size for the “World Food” aisle. 
  • Morrisons’ meal deal is one of the best around.
  • The prices are in most cases comparable with other supermarkets. 
  • Weekly deals also an added benefit to save some extra amount of money.
  • They have lots and lots of alcoholic drinks on offer. 
  • Their return process is easy if you have a receipt.
  • Usually Morrisons offers nice birthday and party decorations.
  • Their flower bouquets are very nice and fresh.
  •  If you forget your loyalty card, you have 30 days on the receipt to add it on via customer service. Other supermarkets usually give you 14 days.

Unfortunately, there are some negatives: 

  • Meat selection is not the greatest compared to other supermarkets. 
  • Small aisles when everyone is trying to pass with their trollers. 
  • Some stores don’t have enough staff available to help the customer.
  •  There is not as much variety in brands in some areas - depending on the size of the store, compared to ASDA but the quality is good.
  • Expensive bags charges. 
  • Not enough baby products for nursery. 

How good are Morrisons stores?


According to Which.co.uk, Morrisons has a 6.5 grade (out of 10) regarding the overall quality of its physical stores, which is a pretty good grade. For Morrisons customers, its physical stores have a good layout and appearance, making it easier to shop there. 

Morrisons customers also have a lower queuing time when compared to ASDA’s, for example. Unfortunately, the staff availability and helpfulness is average. You can also have a harder time finding everything you want due to lack of products being in stock from time to time. 

Morrisons has a great range of products, including the Morrisons’ own brand ones, which have a quality that matches the competition. At Morrisons, you can also find a better overall quality of fresh products. 

Morrisons is also trying harder to guarantee recyclable packaging and products with no packaging at all to save the environment. You can also enjoy good value for money at Morrisons. 

How good is Morrisons online?


According to Which.co.uk, Morrisons Online has a 7.1 grade (out of 10)  regarding its overall quality. This shows that you are getting a better deal when you are shopping at Morrisons online than at a physical store. 

When you access Morrisons online, via website or application, you can easily find the products you are looking for. At Morrisons, it’s also easy to find available delivery slots and products being in stock. 

Morrisons online also gives you a choice of substitute items and a large range of products for you to choose from. You can expect a good overall quality of own-label products and fresh products. Keep in mind that the overall quality of fresh products in-store is slightly better than the ones you buy online. Morrisons’ drivers are also well-known for their good service! 

Morrisons customers believe Morrisons online is better than in-stores. Morrisons has a higher grade in both when compared to ASDA. 

Nutmeg at Morrisons - Get cheap school uniforms


 Nutmeg is Morrisons’ clothing brand. You can buy it in the physical stores and online. You will be able to find clothing for men, women, kids and babies. There you can also find cheap school uniforms. 

Sales Dates at Morrisons 


When is Morrisons Black Friday? 

Morrisons is taking part in the Black Friday event and the best way to know when the sales are happening is by following Morrisons on social media. 

When is the Morrisons Baby Event?

Morrisons Baby Event happens throughout the year. The best way to know when the next one is by following Morrisons’ social media profiles. To make it even easier, join the Baby & More club when you sign-up for your Morrisons More Card and App. You will then receive the dates in your email inbox. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can also find other special sale dates at Morrisons. Morrisons does seasonal sales, such as summer and winter sales. Morrisons also does a Boxing Day sale. 

What Gift cards does Morrisons sell?

Today, you can get two types of Gift cards at Morrisons. The first one is a regular one, where you can purchase from £10 to £250. The second one is for afternoon tea at Morrisons Cafe for £10. 

Morrisons’s Own-brand Food Ranges



You can find almost everything in Morrisons' own-brand range, from tomato sauce to cleaning products. Buying supermarket own-brand products can help you to save money. In addition, you can get some really creative and exclusive products. Visit Morrisons stores to find some hidden gems. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you visit Morrisons stores to find some hidden gems. You can find some good ones during the holidays when British supermarkets release different products. 

Morrisons Savers 

As mentioned above, this food range can save you lots of money. This includes the cheapest food you can buy at Morrisons at the moment. 

Morrisons Counted - Calorie Controlled 

This is Morrisons’ low-calorie products range. If you are on a diet with restricted calories, you can enjoy Morrisons’ frozen meals and salad dressing. Within this range, you can get: 

  • Chilli con carne
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Thai chicken green curry
  • Beef lasagne
  • Ham and mushroom tagliatelle
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Chicken hotpot
  • Chicken curry
  • Tomato pasta
  • Spaghetti bolognese

All with less than 400 calories and frozen. 

Morrisons The Best 

This is Morrisons’ luxury brand, where you can find the best Morrisons products and creations. 

Morrisons’ Vegan Food: V-Taste

V-Taste is Morrisons’ vegan food range, which is pretty affordable. You can find vegan products ranging from £1 to £3. We recommend trying the vegan cheese and the frozen dishes. 

Morrisons’s Free From 

Morrisons also has a range of dietary restrictions, mainly for people who are intolerant to gluten and dairy.

Morrisons’ Meal Deals 


Another important point for any supermarket in the UK is the Meal Deals. Nowadays, there are two types of meal deals. The first one is a lunchtime deal and the second one is a dinner deal. 

Morrisons’ lunchtime deal - Food to go for £3 

For the rushed lunch hour where you just need a quick bite, Morrisons have you sorted. For £3, you get a main, a snack, savoury or sweet, and a drink. This is a life saver! 

Morrisons’ dinner deal - Stir fry for £3 

If you want to have an easy and quick dinner at home, this can be a great option. You will get noodles, vegetables and a sauce for only £3. You can choose from a variety of items, which are very tasty. This is a great option for two people or if you live alone.

Alcohol at Morrisons 


What time can you buy alcohol in Morrisons? 

You can buy alcohol in Morrisons during opening hours. 

What time does Morrisons stop selling alcohol?

It depends on the Morrisons store. If the Morrisons store is open 24 hours a day, you can buy alcohol at any time. If the Morrisons store is not open for 24 hours, you will need to purchase it during opening hours. 

Ordering Online at Morrisons 


Ordering Online at Morrisons is very easy and an enjoyable experience. Look below some of the information you need to make it even easier: 

How do I cancel a Morrisons order?

To cancel a Morrisons order, you just need to access your account and go to the orders tab. There you will find all your orders and will be able to pick the one you want to cancel. You just need to make sure you cancel your order before the cut-off time, which will be on the screen next to your order’s information. If you need to cancel your order after the cut-off time, you must reach out to Morrisons customer service. 

Morrisons’ Delivery 


You can get your Morrisons grocery shop delivered to your doorstep, which is an amazing convenience. One big difference that Morrisons offers as one of the biggest British supermarkets is Amazon delivery as well. If you don't know, you can also get your Morrisons shopping at Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you get next day free delivery, which is one of the most affordable ways to get your Morrisons delivered. 

How much is Morrisons’ delivery?

It depends if you have a delivery pass or not. In the past, you could get a delivery pass to get your groceries delivered at any time or midweek. Morrisons’ delivery passes start at £5 per month. At the moment, in January 2021, you will only pay per delivery as you make your online order. This costs on average £3 per order. 

What happens if I miss my Morrisons’ delivery?

If you are not at your delivery address when the Morrisons’ driver arrives, your driver will try to call you on the number provided on the order. If your driver can’t get a hold of you, a card will be left with the phone number you must call. The best thing to do is to not miss your driver to avoid further headaches. 

How do I get a Morrisons’ home delivery slot?

It’s not easy to get a Morrisons’ home delivery slot, so you need to be smart. Booking one in advance is the best thing you can do to guarantee your slot. Morrisons’ delivery slot booking tools can be a bit tricky at times, so always go back to less busy times to make sure you have more luck. Evenings are harder to get a delivery slot, so try early mornings. 

Morrisons’s Click and Collect


If you are just trying to avoid busy stores but have a car on hand, Morrisons has made Click and Collect much better for you. 

How does Morrisons Click and Collect work?

You can get your online Morrisons order in almost any Morrisons physical store. You just need to get an account with your email address and password and start shopping at Morrisons.com. Once your order has been completed, indicate where you want your order to be collected. All collections are free of charge. This is an excellent way to save time. 

Morrisons Cafe 


Morrisons Cafe is an excellent place to get good meals at an affordable price. You can find options for vegetarians and vegans. You can also find all the calories and special dishes under 400 and 600 calories. Morrisons Cafe also serves afternoon tea for two people for only £10, it’s a fiver each! Check out the full menu here. 

What time does Morrisons Cafe open?

Morrisons Cafe usually opens at the same time as the supermarket. 

What time does Morrisons Cafe close?

Morrisons Cafe usually closes at the same time as the supermarket. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the moment, January 2021, Morrisons Cafe is only open for takeaways. You can also find some salad bars at selected stores. These salads are on meal deals.

Morrisons Pharmacy 


Morrisons has some pharmacies placed at some of their physical stores. To learn more about it, read this.

What time does Morrisons Pharmacy open?

Morrisons Pharmacy opens from Monday to Saturday at 9 AM. On Sundays, it opens at 11 AM. 

What time does Morrisons Pharmacy close?

Morrisons Pharmacy closes from Monday to Friday at 8 PM. On Saturdays, it closes at 7 PM and on Sundays, it closes at 5 PM. 


How do I contact Morrisons? 

  • Email

To email Morrisons, you need to use this page

  • Telephone number

Morrisons gives you two numbers to reach out to. For general customer services, use 0345 611 6111. For online shopping, use 0345 322 0000.

  • Morrisons’ Social Media 

Morrisons’ Facebook Profile. 

Morrisons’ Instagram Profile. 

Morrisons’ Twitter Profile. 



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