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How to save on Sky

Do you want to save on Sky? Latest Deals has gathered all the information you need to save money on your next or current Sky package. From broadband to cable TV and home phone, you will learn what to take into account to save the most. Check out the Sky’s deals available at the moment and see what to choose from.


What is Sky? 

Sky is a British broadcaster and telecommunications company. With Sky, you can get television, broadband, home and mobile telephone services. At the moment, Sky is the UK's largest paid-TV broadcaster with more than 10 million customers. 

Advantages of choosing Sky 

  • Sky has some good deals if you want to get bundles including cable TV, fibre broadband and home phone packages.
  • Sky has lots of add-ons that can be renewed or cancelled every month according to your needs. 
  • Sky offers Sky Go app access and Sky Q set-top box with all its basic plans. 
  • Only with Sky, you get access in the UK to some of the best US movies and TV shows. 
  • You can get Netflix included when you sign-up for a new Sky cable TV package. 
  • You can get home phone calls included when you sign-up for a new Sky fibre broadband package. 
  • With Sky, you are committed for 18 months. (BT is 24 months)
  • All Sky customers get access to the Cloud Wi-Fi, Sky’s public Wi-Fi hotspot network. 
  • Sky offers some of the best broadband speeds for both download and upload. 
  • You can easily get Sky at your home address, as it’s widely available throughout the UK.

Disadvantages of choosing Sky 

  • You are limited to only three options for broadband speed. 
  • At the moment, Sky does not offer only home phone packages. You will need to get a fibre broadband deal to get access to them, but for free. 

What does Sky offer? 

Sky offers cable TV packages and broadband packages. With your cable TV, you can also get broadband, and with your broadband package, you can also get home phone calls. With Sky, it’s very important to keep in mind that the company is constantly making offers and giving better deals. The prices listed below are standard ones, not taking into consideration any deals that might be available at the time of writing. Check Sky’s websites to see its current deals. We talk more about your options below: 

Broadband Packages at Sky 

ImageSky only works with only three broadband packages at the moment. One of them is an ADSL broadband connection with a speed of 11Mbps for £25 per month for 18 months. This comes with a set-up fee of £19.95. Below we talk more about the two other options that are fibre broadband. Learn more about fibre broadband here. 

Sky Fibre broadband package options 

Ultrafast Ultrafast Plus
Price£38 per month£35 per month
Contract18 months18 months
Set-up fee£0£0
PhoneThis comes with any time calls included.This comes with any time calls included.

Gig1 Fibre with Sky

At the moment, Sky is not offering Gig 1 Fibre. You can get this type of internet with Virgin Media. Check out more about what Virgin Media has to offer here. 

Cable TV Packages at Sky 


The biggest advantage of Sky is that you can customize your cable TV package, giving you the freedom to choose what you really need and want. Check out some of your options below: 

Sky cable TV package options 

Sky cable TV packages options change frequently as the company has constant sales. Here we give you an overview of what you can get with Sky. 

Basic plan 

The basic plan comes with Sky TV (over 100 premium channels + Freeview) and Netflix for £31 per month. Even if you already have Netflix, Sky does the hassle for you and you won’t be charged extra. With this plan you get access to Sky Go, the application to watch on-demand and to Sky Q, the smart set-top box with recording. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: this also comes with Sky Entertainment Channels. 

Extras and add-ons 
  • Sky Sports: You can add Sky Sports for £20 per month. (18 months contract) 
  • BT Sport: You can add BT Sport for £28 per month. (Monthly contract)
  • Sky Cinema: You can add Sky Cinema for £12 per month. (18 months contract) 
  • HD: You can add HD quality for £8 per month. (Monthly contract)
  • Ultra HD: You can add Ultra HD quality for £12 per month. (Monthly contract)
  • KIDS: You can add Kids Channels for £6 per month. (Monthly contract)
  • Multiscreen: You can add multi-screen for £15 per month. (18 months contract) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the moment, Sky is charging a £20 activation fee and the minimum contract length is 18 months.

Also, make sure you check out our article on How to save on Sky and BT TV to see what is the best option for you when it comes to sports channels. Both companies have sports channels monthly passes, so depending on your watching habits, it could be a better option to save more money. 

How to save on Sky Sports? 

The cheapest way to get Sky Sports is by buying a Now TV monthly pass, for £34.99 a month for 6 months. You don't have a contract and you can cancel anytime. 

How to save on BT Sports? 

The cheapest way to get BT Sports is by buying a monthly pass, for £29.99. You can get this monthly pass via Now TV and in other places. You don't have a contract and you can cancel anytime. 

Home Phone Packages at Sky 


You can only get a Sky home phone package when you get a fibre broadband package as well. With Sky’s fibre broadband packages you get any time calls included. This also includes line rental. This can be a good option if you are getting broadband as well, otherwise, it’s not worth it. 

Sky home phone package options 

Superfast Ultrafast Ultrafast Plus
Price£28 per month£34.50 per month£54.50 per month
Contract18 months18 months18 months
Set-up fee£19.95£19.95£19.95
PhoneThis comes with any time calls included.This comes with any time calls included.This comes with any time calls included.

Going contractless with Sky: how does it work? 

You can’t go contractless with Sky to get a cable TV or broadband package. You will need to get a minimum contract of 18 months. Your other option is to get Now TV monthly passes which will give you access to the most important and exclusive Sky Channels. You can also get Now Broadband, which is part of Sky Group and offers monthly internet packages. 

What is the cheapest way to get Sky TV?

The cheapest way to get Sky is with Now TV monthly passes. You don’t need to get a contract, paying in result month-by-month. You also don't need to pay for a TV licence, which can save you a lot of money. 

Is it worth getting a Cable TV deal with Sky?

Yes. If you are 100% sure that you need a cable TV package and can’t find other alternatives, such as only using a paid streaming service, including NOW TV, or watching content online for free. You can get a basic deal for £19 per month. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a TV licence. 

Is it worth getting a home phone deal with Sky?

It’s only worth getting a home phone deal with Sky if it is included in a fibre broadband deal.

How to save on Sky? 7 tips to haggle


Tip #1 Keep track of every interaction you have with Sky’s customer service 

We don’t want you to have a bad experience with your new package, but if you have experienced any problems you must reach out to Sky’s customer service no matter how small or big it is. It’s very important to keep track of problems as you can use these issues to haggle for a better deal in future. The more problems you have faced during your contract period, the better chance you have to get a discount or something extra for free. 

Tip #2 Haggle with Sky as a new customer 

Sky is always making offers to give better deals to its new customers, so you need to take advantage of that. One of the points that you can approach is the set-up/activation-fee. You can say that not long ago Sky was setting-up for free and now they are charging again. To back up your point, you can get screenshots from old deals where it was free, and also screenshots from new deals where it’s charged. Put it all together and send it via email to a Sky’s customer service member when you are negotiating. If you want to save money, you will need to do the research. 

Tip #3 Make the most of your call 

To make the most of your call, you need to avoid calling on Mondays, during lunchtime, on the weekends, and after work hours. You also want to make sure you are going to use the best phrases to communicate effectively and get what you want. The best ones are: 

  • I’m leaving...
  • I’m paying too much for my current package.
  • I can’t afford my current package anymore. 
  • I have seen that another provider, X, is offering the same package cheaper.

You can rehearse before calling to make sure you use your time with the customer service member wisely.

Tip #4 Ask for free extras - Sky has plenty of them 

Sky has excellent extras. When you get a Sky fibre broadband package you get anytime home phone calls for free. When you get a Sky cable TV package you can get Netflix for free. If you are an existing customer, you can say you want to try its home phone services or Netflix for a period of time, for example. Ask if Sky can give you one of them for free for a trial period. 

Tip #5 Sky has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores - use this to your advantage 

According to Ofcom, Sky has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores, so use this to your advantage when negotiating. You can call as many times as you need to get a better deal. Its customer service is trained to provide the best service possible. 

Tip #6 Make sure you know how much your minimum and maximum prices are before calling Sky 

You must work out your budget before calling Sky. You can find that out by checking how much you were initially paying for your deal and how much you are paying now. If you give a customer service member a range to work with, it’s more likely you can get something within your budget. Let them know what prices you can work with. 

Tip #7 Always check Sky’s Deals For NEW Customers

As mentioned before, Sky has some of the best deals available for new customers. It doesn’t matter if you are or not already a Sky customer. If you are a potential customer, check here to see how you can haggle. If you are an existing customer, you can keep track of the things Sky is offering for free to the new ones and ask for them as well. The longer you are a Sky customer the better, even more, if your contract is about to expire or has expired. 

If you liked these 7 tips, make sure you check How to save on Sky to learn more about how to haggle as a new customer and existing customer. 


How do I contact Sky? 

You have four different options to contact Sky. You can call them, you can access an online chat, you can send them an email or you can even send a letter. Check below for detailed contact information:

  • Phone Number


You can call this number seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm. 

  • Online Chat

You will need to sign in to your account to have access to the chat using this link. 

  • Email Address


  • Mailing Address

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, 

PO Box 43, 


EH54 7DD

How do I reduce my Sky bill? 

The best way to reduce your Sky bill as an existing customer is to cancel any monthly add-ons you are paying extra for. As a new customer, you can try to get an active voucher for Sky deals at Latest Deals. 


How do I cancel and leave Sky? 

To cancel and leave Sky, you will need to reach out to its customer service. Remember, if your contract has expired, you can cancel and leave at any time. If your contract hasn't expired yet, you will need to pay an exit fee, which will depend on your situation. 

When does my Sky contract end? What should I do then? 

To know when your Sky contract ends, you will need to check the email confirmation you received on the day you got your Sky deal. If you have deleted this email, you will need to access your Sky account and verify the date there. 

This date is very important because it gives you the power to haggle for a better deal. To remind you, you can even set-up an alarm on your digital calendar. The best thing to do when your Sky contract ends is to reach out to its customer service and ask for a better deal. Use some of the tips we gave you above. 

Are you tired of Sky? What to do if you want to switch providers? 

If you don’t want to be a Sky customer anymore, you have two options. One is that if your contract has ended, you can walk away freely and choose another deal that works better for you. 

Here we teach you how to choose the best broadband deal for you. Another option is if your contract hasn't ended, you will need to pay an exit fee that will change according to your situation. 

Sometimes it is worth waiting and switching after the contract termination date. To switch providers you just have to choose another deal. If you are changing to any provider but Virgin Media, you don’t even need to cancel, as the new provider you reach out to Sky to let them know you are switching to them. 

If you are changing to Virgin Media, you will need to let Sky know by calling its customer service and cancelling your plan. 



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