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What is a VPN and what are the best VPN Deals?

Do you want to know what a VPN is and what the best VPN deals available are at the moment? Latest Deals is here to help you understand how to use a VPN and how to find the best VPN deal for you!

What is a VPN? 


VPN is the short term for Virtual Personal Network, which provides privacy, anonymity and security when it comes to data for internet users. When you start using a VPN, it means that you are using a personal network instead of a public network to access the internet. 

What does a VPN do?

The main objective of a VPN is to create a confidential tunnel to the internet. When you use a VPN, your connection is routed via a VPN server. 

What are the benefits of using a VPN? 


There are many benefits of using a VPN. We have listed some of them below: 

To hide your IP address and location

If anyone is monitoring your broadband connection, they won’t be able to see what you are doing. All the websites and services you visit online when using a VPN won’t be able to see your IP, but the VPN’s IP. 

What is an IP? 

IP is the short term for Internet Protocol. An IP consists of a series of numbers that identify devices connected to a network. It’s via the IP that websites and services control what you see according to your location. When you use a VPN, these websites and services can’t know where you are located. 

To use public Wi-Fi hotspots

If you often use public Wi-Fi hotspots, you may need a VPN to protect yourself from any interception. 

To stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming video services

If you love to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services, you need to get a VPN. You will be able to access different catalogues around the world. With a VPN, you can get access to TV shows and movies that aren’t available in the UK, for example. 

To change your location

Many websites have different content that can change depending on where in the world they are accessed. If you need to access websites from other countries, or if you travel a lot and need to access content from the UK, this can be a convenience.

To access blocked websites 

With a VPN you can also access blocked websites. 

To protect your identity when torrenting

If you have the habit of acquiring movies, music, and TV shows via BitTorrent, VPN might keep your mind at ease. Check here how you can watch movies and TV shows online for free and legally. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even with a VPN it is still illegal to torrent copyrighted content. 

What is VPN protection?

VPN protection is what you get by using a VPN, your “real online identity” is protected by the VPN. Instead of showing your IP, the IP that appears is from the VPN used. 

Why do I need a VPN? - 7 reasons why you need a VPN 


If you are not sure if you need a VPN, here are some reasons to get one today! 

Reason #1 If you want to hide your IP address and location 

Getting a VPN is the only way to surf the internet anonymously. If you don’t want to leave “digital traces”, get one. 

Reason #2 If you use public Wi-Fi hotspots

Public Wi-Fi hotspots sound great until you get intercepted. These open networks give access to everyone and anyone, so you are not as secure as you would need to be. Protect your online information by getting a VPN.

Reason #3 For a little more per month, you can extend your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video catalogue and other streaming services

If you feel like you have watched everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it’s time to get a VPN and access it from many other countries. The American catalogue is one of the biggest ones, but you can also get access to content in other European countries and much more. 

Reason #4 If you need to change your “online” location 

If you are trying to avoid geoblocking which restricts access to specific countries, you can bypass these limits by using a VPN. 

Reason #5 If you need to access blocked web pages

If for some reason a web page is blocked, you will be able to access it with a VPN. If you are in a country where the internet is heavily censored, you can also use a VPN to navigate blocked websites. 

Reason #6 If you use BitTorrent 

If you use BitTorrent, it’s very important to protect yourself when torrenting. A VPN might be a good way to protect you from the potential legal repercussions of acquiring movies, music, and TV shows via BitTorrent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even with a VPN it is still illegal to torrent. 

Reason #7 If you need to access local content 

Depending on the location, a websites’ content can change to adapt to different languages and currencies, for example. If you need to access local content, getting a VPN will make it much easier. 

How do I get a VPN?


To get a VPN you just need to choose a VPN provider. Then you will create an account with your email address and password. If it’s a free VPN, you won’t need to insert any payment method. If it’s a paid VPN, you usually get a free trial period before being charged. You can pay for your VPN in many different ways, some providers even accept cryptocurrencies. 

How to choose the right VPN 

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the right VPN for you. The most important thing that you have to have in mind is trust. You need to choose the VPN you feel you can trust the most. For that, you need to see what customers are saying about VPN providers in the UK. Read as many reviews as you can to get the full picture of what to expect. 

Another important point is to make sure that your VPN provider is not recording data about its users. This is known as a "no logging” policy. Last but not least, if you are planning to use your VPN for something specific, make sure your VPN provider does cover that. If you can’t find the information in this article or on their website, contact them to get more information. 

How to choose the best VPN service - Step by step process 


If you want to choose the best VPN service for you, please follow our step by step process to guarantee you are choosing the perfect VPN solution for your needs: 

Step#1 Make a list of what is important to you 

The first step is to make a list of what is important to you. In this list, you will write down all the things you want to do with your VPN and what you are going to use your VPN for. Are you planning to use it with which operating system? Are you planning to use it on your smartphone or your PC? Other points to keep in mind are: 

  • Does this VPN provider offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Is this VPN provider trustworthy and well-established?
  • Is this VPN provider located in a safe privacy jurisdiction? (Ideally outside of the Five Eyes countries, which are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States - together they have cooperation in signals intelligence. Read more about it here.)

Step#2 Match the VPN providers that offer what is important to you

The second step is to match the VPN providers that offer everything or almost everything you need. You will probably end up with a list of a couple of VPN providers. 

Step#3 Check the VPN providers prices 

The third step is to check for the prices. Do you have a budget? How much can you afford? Price should be an important factor in your decision. Select the ones that are within your budget and remove the rest. 

Step#4 Get your trial period activated 

The fourth step is to go to the VPN provider’s official website and activate your trial period. They usually give you one month to test their product. You will need to set up your new VPN to start testing it. 

How do I set up my VPN?

It’s very simple and easy to set up your new VPN. Once you have an account, you just need to install the software on your device. VPN providers often offer different software for Windows, Apple Mac, Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. Some might also offer Linux software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will probably need to add a payment method that will be charged after the trial period is over. Create a spreadsheet with all the services you are trying and when they will start charging you. Cancel them before being charged if you are not happy or not sure if you are going or not to keep their service yet. 

Step#5 Get your VPN after running some tests 

The fifth step is to get your VPN. After a month of testing VPN services, you will be able to make a decision. The winner will have no data leaks found, good performance with great speed and reliability, apps that work correctly and secure VPN protocols with strong encryption standards. 

What is better: Free VPN or Paid VPN?

Free vs. Paid VPNsProsCons
Free VPNsFree.
No payment information required. 
Usually, you can’t stream or torrent with them.
Slower speeds due to overcrowded servers. Undesired ADs.
Poorer security and encryption.
Many sell your personal data for profit and keep logs (even if they tell they don’t).
Paid VPNsUnlimited data.
They have servers in most countries.
They allow streaming and torrenting.
24/7 support.
Built-in ad blockers.
They offer the highest level of encryption.
 They don’t keep logs or share your information with anyone.
Not free (usually a monthly fee).
Payment details required (unless you pay with cryptocurrencies).

5 of the Best Free VPNs

If you don’t want to pay for your VPN, there are some good free options, such as Hotspot Shield Free VPN, Windscribe, TunnelBear, ProtonVPN Free and Speedify. We have a comparison table to help you understand a bit more about each of them: 

VPN Provider NameSupport 24/7Number of serversNetflix/Amazon Prime VideoNo-logging policyData limitNumber of devicesTorrentingDuration
Hotspot Shield Free VPNSupport center only800+NoYesUnlimited1NoFree forever
WindscribeNo11Yes (Netflix)Yes10GB per month1YesFree forever
TunnelBearYes1000+NoYes2GB FreeUnlimitedNoFree forever
ProtonVPN FreeYes100+NoYesUnlimited1NoFree forever
SpeedifyNo1000+NoYes2GB per month1NoFree forever

Hotspot Shield Free VPN


Hotspot Shield Free VPN is the best well-known free VPN in the market. With Hotspot Shield Free VPN, you can expect a reliable internet connection and military-grade encryption. Your IP address will be protected. You won’t be able to use it for streaming videos or for downloading files. This will only be good if you are looking to browse the internet. 



If you are looking for the perfect Chrome VPN extension, you will need Windscribe. With Windscribe, you will be able to stream on Netflix and use BitTorrent but with limitations. This will only last you a couple of days. The more you share about your experience with Windscribe, the more chances you have to increase your data allowance without paying for it.



TunnelBear is considered by some to be the best free VPN provider available at the moment. Even with one of the best services available, with more than a thousand serves and good speed, TunnelBear is located in Canada, one of the Five Eyes countries.

ProtonVPN Free


This is the free version of ProtonVPN. With this, you will get a high-quality service for free. Of course, you will need to handle some limitations, but this is the only free VPN provider that gives your unlimited data. Even if you have unlimited data, you won’t be able to stream or torrent. 



Speedify was developed to improve your internet connection speed. With Speedify, you will be able to use multiple internet connections at once, which splits your web traffic and reduces congestion so you get faster speeds. With only 2GB per month, you won’t be able to stream or torrent.

8 of the Best Paid VPNs

If you are looking to get a premium VPN service, you will need to invest some money. Usually, VPN providers have different types of contracts, the longer your contract, the cheaper you will pay. You can also pay them monthly.

 Some of the best paid VPN providers are: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, ProtonVPN, CyberGhost VPN, ZenMate VPN, Private Internet Access (PIA) and Surfshark. We have a comparison table to help you understand a bit more about each of them: 

VPN Provider NameSupport 24/7Number of serversNetflix/Amazon Prime VideoNo- logging policy30-day money-back guaranteeNumber of devicesTorrentingPriceContract
Express VPNYes3000 +YesYesYes8Yes£11.02Monthly
PureVPNYes6500 +YesYesYes10Yes£10.25Monthly
ProtonVPNNo (only email)2900+YesYesYes10Yes£8.70Yearly
CyberGhost VPNYes9200+YesYesYes7Yes£10.89Monthly
ZenMate VPNNo4700+YesYesYesUnlimitedNo£10.89Monthly



ExpressVPN promises fast speeds and is user-friendly. ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. The downside is that there is no ad blocking. 

NordVPN (the fastest VPN in the UK)


NordVPN offers double VPN technology, a new trend in the VPN market and reliable speed. NordVPN works with cryptocurrency and is based in Panama. This is considered the fastest VPN in the UK. Unfortunately, with NordVPN some users had torrenting and minor monitoring issues. 



PureVPN is one of the cheapest options and you can still expect high-quality. You will be able to stream and torrent with no problems. PureVPN also has a great no-logging policy, constantly checked by independent third parties. This is better for Mac users, but also supports other operating systems. The only downside is that you will only be able to connect 5 devices at the same time.



Proton VPN has one of the best transparency policies. It’s a great VPN for streaming and torrenting. One of its problems is that you can’t expect 24/7 support, and if you have any problems you need to send an email. Another problem is that you will only be able to pay it annually, but it can be much cheaper when compared to other VPN providers. 

CyberGhost VPN 


CyberGhost VPN is user-friendly and also offers double VPN technology. This was appointed as a really good option for the UK market. Unfortunately, with CyberGhost VPN some users have minor monitoring issues. 

ZenMate VPN


If you are only planning to unblock Netflix’s worldwide catalogue, ZenMate VPN should work fine for you. ZenMate VPN doesn't update its apps so often, which can make them outdated when compared to the competition. This can be one of the cheapest options if you get a longer contract. 

Private Internet Access (PIA)


Private Internet Access is based in the USA, so this can be a downside. It also has some lower speeds when compared to other VPN providers. PIA doesn't block all the ads. 



Surfshark is not the fastest VPN option but handles torrenting well. Surfshark unblocks streaming services pretty well as well.



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