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An alternative to HotUKDeals (HUKD)

Welcome HotUKDeals users! It’s nice to have you here on LatestDeals. As a HUKD user you’re probably already familiar with the concept of our site:

  • We’re a bargain hunting community - that means all our deals have been found, shared & recommended by real people.
  • We share deals, vouchers, freebies & competitions.

HotUKDeals vs LatestDeals

Whilst there are lots of similarities between HotUKDeals and LatestDeals we’d like to think there are some important differences too:

  • We show you the best deals, as voted for by real people. The home page of Hot UK Deals now defaults to “Highlights” rather than what’s Hot or Trending. Rather than being the best deals and offers on HUKD, they’re typically paid placements (i.e. advertisements) by retailers. As the new kid on the block, we get that creating and running a community deals site can be time consuming and expensive but we feel strongly about being upfront and honest. We think any advertisements should be clearly marked as such, so that people can differentiate between genuine Hot UK Deals and those that are more akin to a DFS Sofa sale (sorry DFS - but you always seem to be having a sale!). The home page of Latest Deals shows only the deals voted for by our community of bargain hunters.
  • We want you guys to help shape LatestDeals into the community you want it to be. Think we should have a new category of deal? Want a new feature on the site? Have an idea for a great deal finding tool? Let us know in our Chat section and we’ll do our best to help.
  • Open, honest and transparent - perhaps we’re just naive and new but we’re doing our utmost to be as friendly, open and honest as we can be. For example, our default stance is to let every retailer be shared on LD. Perhaps it’s through years of strife but HotUKDeals will only allow pre-approved merchants on their site. That means if you find a cracking deal from a small, independent business the chances are you can’t share it. At LatestDeals we’ll let you share bargains from any retailer (unless, of course, our community decides the retailer is up to no good!)
  • We really, really value our community. After all, without you guys there wouldn’t be any deals! We’re constantly trying to think up new ways to reward our members. At the moment, we have a weekly prize draw for the best bargain hunter but we’re keen to find new and imaginative ways to thank our members for all their hard work.

Is Hot UK Deals better?

Well, we're obviously going to be a little bias over here at LatestDeals. But, in the spirit of being honest too, we're happy to concede that HUKD are clearly much bigger than us. We're the underdog - the newbie - and we're doing our best to work our way up to be a real contender at the top. We certainly don't think HotUKDeals is evil or needs to be stopped - we have a more hippy-esque outlook and believe, just like Tesco and Sainsburys, or Quidco and Topcashback, HotUKDeals and LatestDeals can co-exist harmoniously. And, of course, size isn't everything! As we mentioned above, we like to think we take a different approach to things here at LD.

HUKD similarities

Exactly what a deal is can be very subjective. People on HotUKDeals will disagree with each other, just as people on LatestDeals will too. We recently had an example over here on LD with a deal giving everyone a heads up about the Nintendo Switch coming up for pre-order on Amazon. Some felt that this was a deal - it was the best price available for the product, and was also helpful as people were looking to pre-order. Whilst others felt it wasn’t - Nintendo released their console at a much higher price than anticipated and so people felt the console didn’t offer good value for money. The beauty of community deals websites are that everyone can voice their opinion. Then, when someone looking to buy comes along they can gobble up all of the information and comments and make an informed buying decision.

Become part of the community

If you like what you've read then please do join for free. We'd love to have you onboard. If you have any questions you can always post in the chat section or contact us instead.

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