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An alternative to HotUKDeals (HUKD)

Welcome HotUKDeals users! It’s nice to have you here on LatestDeals. As a HUKD user you’re probably already familiar with the concept of our site:


LatestDeals vs HotUKDeals

Whilst there are lots of similarities between HotUKDeals and LatestDeals we’d like to think there are some important differences too:

  • Latest Deals gives back. Every time you contribute, you earn points which add up to Amazon vouchers. We are the only deal hunting community to do this. At Latest Deals, members always come first. We know what's important. Read more about points here.
  • Latest Deals is open and honest. We show you the best deals voted for by real people. Our guidelines and rules are heavily influenced by the community and we often tweak and change them depending on feedback. We're also very open about how we make money to fund the website - if you're wondering, you can read exactly how we make money here.
  • Latest Deals is for deal hunters, by deal hunters. Do you want to be part of a community which listens to you and creates features from your ideas? On Latest Deals, everyone has a say. Read How Would You Make Latest Deals Better?

Meet The Founders of Latest Deals


  • Latest Deals is smaller and that's a good thing. We can take a very personal approach on Latest Deals. You can speak with Tom, Deepak and Kelsey, the founders of Latest Deals, at any point and you'll see us everywhere on the website. We take part in deal hunting, we join in the conversations on Chat, we post pictures and videos in our Facebook Group, and we speak regularly with fellow members. When was the last time you spoke to the founder of HDUK?

Trusted In The Media


Latest Deals is the UK's fastest growing money-saving community. Tom Church, Co-Founder of Latest Deals is The Deal Hunter on ITV. He also features on BBC's Your Money and Your Life and champions LatestDeals.co.uk daily in national news, radio and TV.

Is Hot UK Deals better than Latest Deals?

Hot UK Deals is bigger, but better? That will be for you to judge (join Latest Deals for free here). Latest Deals is the underdog - the newbie - and thousands of HDUK members are switching because of the reasons above: we give back, we're honest, we're a deal hunting community built by deal hunters, and because we're smaller.

Update: Latest Deals Hits 1 Million Members

When we first wrote this page, Latest Deals was a community of 100,000 or so members. We've now skyrocketed to over 1 million members. At this rate, we'll soon be the biggest deals community, bigger than Hot Deals UK. Our commitment to quality deals, sales, vouchers and innovative tools has proven to be a hit. We've been featured as Website of The Week in The Sun, Top 10 Apps in Google Play, nominated Publisher of The Year in Performance Marketing Awards and more.


Awesome Tools

Latest Deals has awesome tools you won't find on HDUK. We have a Domino's Discount Code tool that finds every voucher for every Domino's store across the UK. We have a supermarket price comparison tool that helps you find the best price groceries in UK supermarkets. We have an Amazon Discount Finder tool and more.

HUKD similarities

Exactly what a deal is can be very subjective. People on HotUKDeals will disagree with each other, just as people on LatestDeals will too. We recently had an example over here on LD with a deal giving everyone a heads up about the Nintendo Switch coming up for pre-order on Amazon. Some felt that this was a deal - it was the best price available for the product, and was also helpful as people were looking to pre-order. Whilst others felt it wasn’t - Nintendo released their console at a much higher price than anticipated and so people felt the console didn’t offer good value for money. The beauty of community deals websites are that everyone can voice their opinion. Then, when someone looking to buy comes along they can gobble up all of the information and comments and make an informed buying decision.

Become part of the community

If you like what you've read then please do join for free. We'd love to have you on board. If you have any questions you can always post in the chat section or contact us instead.

Is HotUKDeals down?

If HUKD is down and the website unavailable, you may want to join LatestDeals.co.uk instead to post your deal.

Latest Deals is also an alternative to BetterDeal.

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