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Top 21 Paid Survey Sites - Get Paid with Online Surveys in UK

31st July 2019, 11:00 AM

What are Paid Surveys?

Research companies pay consumers for their opinions and data. You will be asked questions and your answers are recorded. You are paid for completing the survey, either in cash or for another reward. Often, you earn points for each survey you complete which add up towards a financial reward.

How To Get Paid Doing Surveys

Doing surveys online can be a good way to make money online. Usually, all you need is access to the internet. Answer questions to earn points or rewards. The more you do, the more money you can make!

Which Paid Surveys Sites Are Legit?

There are many paid survey websites online but you need to be careful. Some are scams to harvest data and sell it on to third-parties. Others promise high payments but then people complain of not being paid. Here on Latest Deals, I have compiled a list of legit paid survey sites that are respected and well known, as well as some to avoid.

1 - Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest paid survey companies. Sign up, answer a few questions about yourself, and then you will be invited to surveys. As you answer them you earn Swagbucks (think of them as points) which add up to retail gift vouchers, for example, at Amazon.

There is usually a new survey every day for you to complete - but that's not all. Swagbucks gives you 11 methods to get points. My favourites include: watching videos, downloading apps and playing online games.

Swagbucks paid surveys take 10 minutes to finish. Some estimates are that you can earn up to £5 per hour. Sign up to Swagbucks for free here (and get a £3 free bonus).

2 - Toluna

Toluna is a paid survey company that offers cash and rewards for your opinions. It works directly with companies to share your feedback on advertising messages and more.

How does Toluna work? Surveys usually take 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Each survey begins with a few personal questions to make sure you're the right fit. You find new surveys by logging in to the Toluna website every day, and / or by email invitation. Complete the survey and you get points which add up to cash and rewards.

Tom's Tip: Make sure you fill in your Toluna profile in full, with as much detail and breadth as possible. This increases your chances of being invited to do a survey or poll. Sign up to Toluna Influencers for free today

3 - OnePoll

OnePoll is a paid survey and poll website that asks quick questions. Unlike other survey websites, OnePoll's take about 3 minutes to answer.

The polls and surveys are often used in the national media, for example, "70% of people think this...". You can sign up for free to start earning money. Each poll is different and you can earn between 10p - £1 for each you complete.

You get paid via PayPal or bank transfer, and it can take 28 days to be paid. There is a OnePoll app available on iOS and Android which makes it easier to take part. Sign up today for free and get £2.50 in free bonus credit

4 - LifePoints

LifePoints is a paid survey site on which you can earn cash, Amazon vouchers and high street gift cards. You can earn approximately £3-£5 per hour. The average survey takes 15 minutes to complete, for which you get 100 LifePoints. These add up towards reviews.

How do you get paid surveys from LifePoints? After answering some basic questions about yourself, you will then be emailed invitations to surveys when available. LifePoints occasionally offers product review opportunities where they send a product to your home address for you to test. Sign up to LifePoints for free here and get 10 bonus points

5 - i-Say (IPSOS)

IPSOS is one of the world's largest and most trust research agencies. IPSOS i-Say is its online survey brand, through which you can share your opinion and earn rewards. This includes gift cards at high street brands and also pre-paid cards for you to spend on whatever you like.

It's free to join and to give your valued opinions. There are daily opinion polls to answer and fun UK quizzes created by the community. Sign up today for free

6 - Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds rewards you for taking surveys, playing games and searching the web. To date, they claim to have paid over £2 million to members. Inbox Pounds partners with top companies who are looking for feedback on their advertising, messaging and products. You will be asked a number of questions and you earn real cash for each survey you complete.

InboxPounds also has its own search page. Every time you search you earn a little money (they put their own advertising on the results). The more you search the more you earn.

Inbox Pounds has good reviews on TrustPilot, with 278 reviews giving it 5 stars.

When you sign up, you will receive invitations to complete surveys, play games and purchase offers. Sign up today for a free £1 bonus.

7 - Opinion Outpost - AVOID

What is Opinion Outpost? Opinion Outpost claims to be a paid survey website. Give your thoughts on products and services to earn rewards and cash. Rewards include Amazon gift cards.

However, many TrustPilot reviews suggest bad customer service. People have said that after completing many surveys and requesting their rewards, they have had their accounts terminated.

Whilst it appears Opinion Outpost is a legit survey site, the bad customer service and bad reviews leaves this one to avoid.

8 - Panel Opinion - LEGIT

Login to Panel Opinion and receive short online surveys. Recent TrustPilot reviews give it positive feedback with users praising prompt payment.

You can claim your reward after earning £10, which is a lower threshold than some of the other paid survey sites: good if you want to earn money online fast. The typical survey will pay you £0.50p and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Panel Opinion also organises a monthly lottery called the VIP draw, for which the prize is £250. Sign up to Panel Opinion for free

9 - Pinecone Research - LEGIT

What is Pinecone Research? Pinecone Research is one of the oldest paid survey websites.

How much money can you make from Pinecone Research? The company pays between £3 - £5 per survey. This is much higher than most other paid survey websites. However, the surveys tend to take longer, approximately 30 minutes.

Users of Pinecone Research on TrustPilot share the feedback that whilst the company is legit, and has no payment threshold (so you can cash out immediately), the number of surveys available is quite low. Between one a week and one a month.

How do I sign up to Pinecone Research? New sign ups are only available periodically and not open all year round.

10 - YouGov - LEGIT

YouGov is a large paid survey and polling company that is well respected in the UK national media. Users share feedback that surveys are frequent and payment fast.

How much money can you earn at YouGov? You earn points which add up to real cash. The minimum threshold before being paid is £50, or 5,000 points. Some users suggest it can take approximately 5 months to earn this amount.

Other feedback is that the surveys can be quite long, and some negative reviews on TrustPilot say that as they approached 5,000 points (to claim their reward) they started to receive fewer surveys. Sign up to YouGov and try it for yourself here for free.

11 - PanelBase - LEGIT

PanelBase has one of the highest ratings on TrustPilot of all paid survey websites.

What is PanelBase? PanelBase is an online research panel which rewards members for taking part in market research. The company is over 20 years old and well-respected within the paid survey community.

How much money can I earn on PanelBase? For each survey you complete, you can earn between £0.25p and £10! The surveys differ in complexity and length of time to complete. It's not just online surveys either: telephone surveys, SMS, videos, radio adverts and more.

It is free to join PanelBase and you can delete your account at any time by unsubscribing at the bottom of any email. Join PanelBase for free

12 - Hiving - LEGIT

Hiving is an online paid survey company. To use it, first select your country (e.g. United Kingdom). Your answers earn points towards cash which can be redeemed via PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

Sometimes, Hiving also offers product reviews for you to test at home, has fun lotteries, puzzles and quizzes online. Each survey will earn you approximately 50p, and the minimum reward threshold is £4. What's quite nice about Hiving is that if you are declined for a survey after filling in some information, you'll still get some points to keep you ticking towards that lovely 4,000 point mark.

However, some users on TrustPilot have given the review that they had to complain to customer service before receiving the payment. But they did, in the end, get paid. Try Hiving for free by signing up today.

13 - Prolific Academic - LEGIT

What is Prolific? Prolific Academic is a crowdsourced research platform. Universities, startups and charities upload surveys, quizzes, games and more in order to learn how you think and feel.

How much do I get paid on Prolific? The website stats you get a minimum of £5 per hour. Activities differ between a few minutes and multi-stage long-term research. Prolific only pays money - no "rewards", gift cards or points.

On TrustPilot, one user wrote the review: "I have been using it for about 2 and a half months and made £35, all of which has been paid easily into my PayPal account."

Once you start a survey, you're in. Unlike others where you may be "screened out" half way through - Prolific promises once you start a survey you get paid. Over 45,000 members are already taking part - join Prolific for free today.

14 - Survey Bods

SurveyBods, how it works is simple. Sign in and create your profile (tip: flesh it out as much as possible to help get more surveys). There are four profile surveys available which will quickly get your first points worth about £2. Then you will be invited to complete paid surveys from brands and research agencies.

For each survey completed you get between 50p - £3. However, you can get screened out of some surveys if you do not fit the criteria. This can be a little frustrating.

Payments and rewards are either a cash transfer via BACS which can take up to 15 days, or an Amazon gift card reward. The minimum threshold is £15 or 1,500 points. SurveyBods will also enter you into a monthly prize draw for which the prize tends to be bonus points. Join Survey Bods for free today.

15 - The Opinion Panel Community - LEGIT

Often referred to as Opinion Panel and not to be confused with Panel Opinion, The Opinion Panel Community is a paid survey site specifically for students and teenagers.

You need to be between 13 - 30 years old to join, and you get £10 credit just for signing up. You can cash out your rewards for answering paid surveys once you reach £25. Watch an introductory video here on YouTube.

Tip: Interestingly, once you claim your first reward of £25, The Opinion Panel Community will give you another £10 bonus of credit. Presumably this is because many people leave and don't come back after cashing out. But this is a great bonus for sticking with it.

How much can you earn? Each survey pays between £0.50p and £4. The type of surveys available include in-person focus groups, mobile surveys, online surveys, product testing, and video surveys. Sign up to The Opinion Panel Community today and get £10 free credit.

16 - Valued Opinions - AVOID

Valued Opinions is a legit online paid survey company. Complete online surveys and earn money.

However, TrustPilot reviews suggest there is a high number of users being repeatedly "screened out" of surveys after spending quite a bit of time on them. This means you have answered some preliminary questions of the survey, but then it says you are no longer able to continue as you do not meet the demographic requirement.

Each completed survey pays between £1 - £5, with the minimum threshold before being able to cash out being £10. Yet, some members have reported an unexpected 50p "fee" for collecting your reward. This, and the high level of negative feedback makes Valued Opinions one to avoid. If you still want to give it a go, you can sign up for free here.

17 - MindMover - LEGIT

MindMover is a consumer research company with which you can earn money for completing online questionnaires. You earn cash rewards for your opinions. There are also prizes available too.

To get paid, login to MindMover and go to your dashboard. You need to have earned a minimum of 2,000 points (£20) before you can claim your money. This can be paid via PayPal. The amount you get per survey is between £0.50p to £10. It really varies depending on the length and complexity.

On TrustPilot, reviews of MindMover are mixed with quite a few members suggesting long payment terms (31 days) and been screened out after being asked many questions. However, MindMover does seem to reply to negative reviews explaining why each thing happened which is a positive sign. Also on a the positive side of things, SurveyPolice, which also reviews survey sites, says some members get new questionnaires within two hours of signing up. Sign up to MindMover today for free!

18 - iPoll - AVOID

iPoll is touted as a paid survey website, however a quick glance of their TrustPilot reviews and other sources of information suggest this is one to avoid.

One user said, "Attempted to claim my rewards but was unable to log in, then a pop-up appeared saying "a/c violated & terminated etc." If this sounds familiar it is because it is the same message as users of Opinion Outpost received. And in fact, behind-the-scenes one discovers they are the same company: both to avoid.

Unfortunately it appears many people have worked very hard for their money only to receive similar messages. It doesn't seem to be worth the time when so many other, better and trusted paid survey sites exist.

19 - PopulusLive - LEGIT

How do you get surveys on Populus Live? Simply sign up for free on their website, fill in your profile data, and start answering paid surveys.

Reviews of PopulusLive are mixed, with some saying there seems to be an exceptionally long period of answering questions before being "screened out", however the company does appear to pay properly for what is completed.

The company is different in that it pays £1 for every 5 minutes you spend on a survey. Most surveys take between 5 to 15 minutes to finish, so you can earn between £1 - £3 for each. This makes it one of the highest paying survey sites.

The minimum threshold to getting paid is £50, and you can claim your reward by cheque at the end of each month. If you're wondering where are the surveys? make sure you have filled out your profile data in full. This helps increase your chances of being invited to a good paid survey. Sign up to Populus Live today.

20 - Branded Surveys - LEGIT

Branded Surveys is another paid survey website. Well established and respected, you can earn points which add up to gift cards for shops and restaurants.

How much are Branded Survey points worth? 1,000 points is £10. Once you have earned 1,000 you can redeem your reward.

Reviews on TrustPilot suggest people are having a good experience with the company, being paid on time and receiving surveys regularly. Join Branded Surveys for free now.

21 - New Vista Live - AVOID

New Vista Live sells itself on rewarding people to shape the future, however online reviews suggest otherwise. TrustPilot users have shared many bad experiences including not being paid after claiming earnings, answering many questions before being "screened out" and that there are not too many surveys anyway.

If you do manage to get some surveys, you will earn points which add up towards a cash payout. The minimum threshold is 5,000 points or £50.

Do you have any experience, feedback or questions about the websites listed above?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below to help others also reading this page.

ShayA4 months ago

Really useful! Thanks

ummzakir4 months ago

Highly recommended

Using most of them and also some others. Making £300 to £400 per month

Freeme4 months ago

Very useful article.

iaingraham84 months ago

No £10 bonus with Swagbucks

kimloupotter4 months ago

This is really useful - thank-you for posting - I now know which sites to avoid!

sharonmatthews4 months ago

i have had no problems cashing out with opinion outpost or valued opinions and ive been with them for a few years

Thomas184 months ago

Nice one, thanks for sharing! I’m already using two platforms, but I’m after something with shorter surveys, so I’ll sign up for Onepoll 👍

Charmed14 months ago

Curious Cat is good, takes a while to build up credit but you don't have to wait to cash out to PayPal like some survey ones I have used for months and still not and to cash out!

Imnotcheap2 months ago

Ive not had problems with opinion outpost

AndrewDines2 months ago

I don't agreed with the avoid on valued opinions as I've been a member since the start when they where small and they are great, I normally take out about £850 a year with them, I do a load of surveys, I'm a avid surveyor lol and I class them as being one of the best, I use a lot of these sites.