Heinz ad BANNED but deal hunters say the "World's going mad!"

Elizabeth Elden
29th November 2017, 1:00 PM
  • Heinz ad BANNED over comparison to protein shakes
  • Three complaints got the ad taken off screens
  • Would you rather have beans or a shake?
Heinz are in trouble over claims about their beans

Heinz has had an advert for Baked Beans has been banned from TV, after three people complained about it.

The advert showed a man coming home to his family and taking a drink from the fridge that is “supercharged with high fibre and minimal fat”. His wife replies with “Same. We’re just having some beans.”

The ad described beans as “High in protein. High in fibre. Low in fat.”

The Advertising Standards Agency, ASA, did find that these claims were true, and that there is a similarity between the nutritional value between baked beans and protein shakes.

The ad was still pulled as the claims weren’t approved by the relevant EU regulations.

We found the ad to let you make up your mind:


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