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Consumer Expert Shares Hacks To Save Over £1000 On USA Holidays

Imogen Groome
13 July 2022, 9:00 pm
  • With travel chaos impacting the UK over the summer, Brits may choose a bigger holiday in the autumn instead
  • Consumer Expert Tom Church reveals how to save over £1000 on USA flights
  • He shares how picking airports carefully can instantly save you £750
  • Also discusses how flying 2 days earlier than planned can save you over £400

With flight chaos continuing to dominate UK travel news, many of us will want to avoid going abroad for the summer holidays. Even though we may have to swap a beach for our local park to sunbathe, all hope is not lost. Why not take the next few months to save up some extra money and go across the pond on a bigger trip to the USA?

Consumer Expert Tom Church, Co-Founder of money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk, said: ‘I’ve discovered some tricks that will instantly save you £100s - sometimes over £1000 - on US holidays to New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

‘I’ll show you how picking your airports wisely and travelling to a different one could easily save you £750, and how jetting off just a few days earlier can result in flights which cost £100s less. Here’s what I found.’

Fly To New York For £750 Less By Swapping Airports

‘It’s definitely worth avoiding a summer trip to the Big Apple and waiting for a bargain flight in the Autumn,’ Tom advises. ‘If you wanted to fly from London at the end of July - say, on the 25th - prices are in the £1200 range. But if you’ve got your heart set on a summer holiday across the pond, you can fly for £300 less by departing just two days earlier. Scandinavian Airlines is offering a 6:40am flight from Heathrow to Newark Liberty International Airport, with a short stop in Oslo.

‘If you wait for a few months, the lowest prices for New York holidays can be found in September, with the best deal I found being the 15th to the 19th for £382. That’s over £800 cheaper than some of the July flights!

‘If you don’t want to fly from London, you can still make some savings - but you need to pick your airport carefully. For example, flying from Birmingham on 31 July could cost you £1742, but if you depart on the same day from Manchester you immediately save £750 by heading out to NY for just £991. Even if you don’t live near Manchester, it’s more likely you’d still be saving £100s even if you arrange transport to the airport.’

London to New York - departing 23 July from £875

London to New York- departing 25 July from £1190

London to New York - departing 15 September from £382

Manchester to New York - departing 31 July from £991

Birmingham to New York - departing 31 July from £1742

Jet Off To LA For £500 Less By Leaving 3 Days Earlier

‘Los Angeles might feel like it’s a world away, but there are plenty of bargain flight deals to be grabbed if you know where to look,’ Tom said. ‘Flying from London on 31st July could cost you as much as £1542, but if you can be a little flexible and depart on the 28th instead you’ll save a whopping £500, with flights available from £1054 instead.

‘That said, it’s definitely cheaper to wait a few months and depart in the autumn. I found a flight leaving London on 5th October for £473, which is a saving of over £1000 compared with some July prices. What’s more, prices remain similar across the board - for example, leaving from Birmingham on the same date in October would cost £80 more. If you’re based up North, a Manchester flight is only £25 more, which isn’t too bad!’

London to Los Angeles - departing 28 July from £1054

London to Los Angeles - departing 31 July from £1542

London to Los Angeles - departing 5 October from £473

Birmingham to Los Angeles - departing 5 October from £554

Manchester to Los Angeles - departing 5 October from £498

London to Los Angeles - departing 29 November from £424

Visit Miami For £1100 Less By Picking Your Date & Month Carefully

‘Miami in the summer sounds like a dream, but you’ll still get warm weather if you wait until September,’ Tom said. ‘You could save over £1000 on London flights, as I discovered when comparing prices. The Price Graph on Google Flights showed that flying out in July could cost £1512, whereas the lowest price was £405 for a flight heading out in mid-September. That’s an £1100 price difference!

‘What’s more, you’re paying £1512 to go to Miami from July 23 to 29, but if you stay an extra day and come back on July 30 you save £115 as the flight price goes down to £1397. I tweaked a little more and found that, if I left two days earlier on 21st July and still came back on July 30, I could grab a flight for just £754. That’s a saving of over £600!

‘If you can wait until September, prices are £100s cheaper across the major airports. Heathrow emerges as the best option - you can head State-side 12-19 September for £497 with Virgin Atlantic - but Manchester is only £555 and Birmingham is just £22 more at £519, making those Florida beaches easier for us to reach whether we’re in the North, Midlands or South of England.’

London to Miami - 21-30 July from £754

London to Miami - 23-30 July from £1397

London to Miami - 23-29 July from £1512

London to Miami -12-19 September from £497

Manchester to Miami - 12-19 September from £555

Birmingham to Miami - 12-19 September from £519

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