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Couple transform bathroom using ingenious £170 storage solution

March 11, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Klara Senkerikova, 38, overhauled her bathroom
  • Part of the transformation included clever under-bath storage
  • The storage hack was so popular it was even shared by Mrs Hinch

If you’re constantly running out of space in your bathroom, we have just the storage idea for you.

Klara Senkerikova, 38, and her partner Darron, 31, from Hampshire, overhauled their bathroom and used their best DIY skills to include a clever storage space under the bath.

Klara, who works as a marketing executive, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “My partner made these roughly four years ago to when we were renovating our first house.

“As it was just a little one-bedroom maisonette, space was an issue, so anything we could do to add some storage without making the place look cluttered, we did. And it had to be cheap, as we renovated the place ourselves.

"For a few years now I kept seeing one bathroom storage picture on Pinterest, so I showed it to my partner.

“When planning the bathroom renovation, storage was already in his head, so he did all the plumbing and tiling ready for the drawers to be made.

“Once the bathtub was in, he created these using some waterproof MDF and runners from ebay. The amount you could hide there was just amazing.”

Klara, who shares her DIY projects on Instagram at @yetanotherhouseproject, says that the total cost of her bathroom was £1700, but that the price of the clever storage unit cost just £170.

Her idea, and Darron's amazing execution of the design, was so popular it was even shared on Instagram by Mrs Hinch, where it was liked by thousands of other Instagram users.

"I’m glad people like the idea, and I’m glad the storage might inspire others,” she adds.

“The total bathroom cost, including complete re-plastering, underfloor heating, tiles, three-piece bathroom suite, large mirror and small mirror, towel rail, doors, lights and blinds, was £1700.

“The cost of the storage was around £170, but £60 out of that was the cost of primer, undercoat and paint, which we were using for other storage and coving anyway.”

Klara says that if you’re keen to copy the look, you’ll need to be organised in advance.

“Plan ahead if you’d like something similar and hide all pipes so you can use as much space as possible to make the drawers worth their while,” she adds.

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “Who isn’t constantly wishing they had more storage in their home? Klara’s ingenious solution makes the most of dead space that most of us never consider as a storage area - the empty space under your bath.

“I applaud her creativity and given the storage area’s huge popularity on social media, I’m sure many of us will be emulating this idea in our own homes!"

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Stapmevitalsa year ago

If only l was a DIY whiz, l would nick this idea immediately!

Hats off, fantastic installation.

japond0410a year ago

Absolutely amazing. I’m disabled so have a wet room with a fold back shower so it’s tiny. It’s all tiled and has safety rails so can’t even hang anything up with drilling or suction caps because they keep falling off. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate. 🧐🤔👀

Johnnycakesa year ago

Great idea. I have however seen bath's which take up just a tiny tiny bit more space than the usable bath volume, so for example a 80 litre bath which just takes up 90 litres of space in the room. So instead of having a bath like the one the lady has which looks like it only uses about 50% of the space it takes up due to the lips at the ends and very slopping sides, you could just get a smaller bath with as much volume for bathing and then just use conventional storage in the extra space you have.

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