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Which is cheaper: USA or UK? (Tricks to Save Money)

April 4, 2018, 8:00 AM
Boots No7 and Apple products are some items that are cheaper to buy in American than the UK.

A recent study has shown that the cost of living in the UK is significantly higher than in the USA.

Items such as clothing, technology, and groceries, are on average cheaper in the USA than in the UK, in some cases just half the price.

Why are prices so much cheaper in the US?

UK shoppers are paying more for the same items of clothing, as there is a lower cost of doing business in the US, as well as lower sales tax (what we call VAT).

If Americans are buying British products, the US Dollar is also strong against the Pound at the moment, which means that imports from the UK are cheaper.

For example, we found some Boots No7 make up products, which are manufactured in the UK, half price in the US.

Can I buy products in the US and have them shipped to the UK?

We found many Boots products can be bought from American stores online, and shipped to the UK, for cheaper than it would be to buy them here.

A Boots spokesperson said, “At No7, we know our customers want the best quality products at affordable prices.

“Which is why we offer our UK customers great value in lots of ways that we know they really appreciate, like regular promotions and the Boots Advantage Card.”

What about bigger products, like an iPhone?

Another product with a big price difference between the UK and US are iPhones, particularly the iPhone X.

Some bargain hunters have bought the phone in America, and used a shipping website to get it sent to the UK.

The phone retails from $999 USD, which is approximately £760, a huge reduction from the £999 UK price.

How do I ship stuff from US to UK?

Websites, such as hopshopgo.com, allow you to order American products to a US address, and then ship it to the UK.

Prices for this begin at $23, which makes the SIM-free total cost of the phone only £777, a massive difference from the UK price.

You can use third party shipping websites for other products too.

For example, buying clothes from an American brand, such as Levis, and then getting them shipped to the UK through a shipping website, is cheaper than buying from a UK retailer.

Even products from shops such as Zara and H&M, who make their products in other countries, are sold for cheaper in America than in the UK.

You can buy clothes from Zara online on the US website, and ship them to the UK through a third party website, saving you money depending on the size of your order.

Have you bought anything in the US because it was cheaper than the UK? Let us know in the comments.

SavvySamover a year ago

iPad Pro 10.5" costs around $4,988HKD (£452.61) in Hong kong, but in the UK it costs £619. It's all because there's no taxes in Hong kong, so Apple can reduce prices of products dramatically.

over a year ago

This is brilliant, nice one elizabethelden! It's long been an ambition of Deepak's to build a tool where you can type a product, and it tells you where it's cheaper to buy it from international stores abroad (with delivery). People often forget VAT in the UK, which is why it's described as an invisible tax. It's an extra 20% on your spending!

I've started to buy more and more from stores such as Gearbest, AliExpress and TomTop. These are Chinese retailers with their own warehouses in Europe and USA. Same products as Amazon but cheaper - always with free international delivery.

AlexVartyover a year ago

does this take into consideration import and customs taxes?

wthkvover a year ago

Sometimes you can get a bill for tax or vat away round that is to put happy birthday alix then your address no tax on presents

LindaJones426over a year ago

Yes Yankee candles

wthkvover a year ago

The problem is postage costs from USA far to high so what you save on the product you spend on the postage

yoeydavisover a year ago

My daughter bought some Nike trainers and saved quite a bit of money.

bristolstokegifover a year ago

You are correct about most things. Groceries however are way more expensive in USA than UK.

wedp1223a year ago

I find it the opposite

Electric is about £70 a month where as US it was $250 a month.

A 4 bedroom home to rent costs us £837 in US a 1 bedroom flat was over $1,000.

Wifi, cable, landlines, groceries and clothes (not name brand) are all cheaper in UK.

Also my cellphone in UK is literally £10 a month, my cheapest Walmart phone in US was nearly $50 a month.

What took us $3,000 to get by as a family of 3, in US costs us about £1,400 to get by for a family of 6 in UK and have disposable income.

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