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DIY Dad Transforms Dated Bathroom For Just £600 Using B&M and The Range

October 20, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Ben Wright, 36, was embarrassed by his tired-looking bathroom
  • He decided to try to transform the space himself rather than hiring a builder
  • He saved thousands, taught himself on YouTube and managed the project for under £600

If no amount of cleaning and tidying will make your bathroom look nice, it might be time for a renovation.

But there’s no need to spend thousands updating your bathroom, as this DIY-savvy ad proves.

Ben Wright, 36, a dad of four and multimedia designer from Torquay, was embarrassed about his tired-looking bathroom and thought he would try to revamp it himself rather than spending thousands getting a professional builder to do it.

Using tiles from Wickes, scrap wood from Facebook Marketplace and bargain accessories from The Range, Dunelm and B&M, Ben managed to turn the bathroom into a trendy modern space for under £600.

Ben told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "It took me about three to four weeks to turn my dingy, dated little bathroom into a hotel-inspired bathroom, complete with fancy shower and vanity unit.

"We were pretty embarrassed about the bathroom and it felt that no amount of scrubbing and cleaning made it feel nice or relaxing.

"After a few recent huge DIY jobs, I thought I’d undertake my toughest challenge yet, the bathroom! The only thing we kept in there was the bath - the rest was replaced.

"The vanity unit was built from wood that someone was advertising on Facebook Marketplace as firewood and a nice semi-inset sink that someone on Marketplace had fallen out of love with.

"At times, we doubted the decision to do it ourselves. There were hurdles, many of them along the way! Leak after leak!

"The plumbing work hadn’t been touched in decades which meant every time I so much as breathed in the direction of some of the old joins, they’d spring a leak!

"I taught myself to tile using YouTube and practised on the tabletops on the decking and the splashback in the kitchen, although it didn’t really prepare me for this - it was a mission!

“The tiles, adhesive, grout, backing boards and edging cost £310 from Wickes, the bath taps were £45 from Amazon and the bath screen was £10 from Marketplace.

“The rainfall shower was £26 from Amazon, the vanity unit was free built from scrap wood from Marketplace, the vanity unit handle was £2 from Toolstation, the vanity basin and tap was £15 from Marketplace and the toilet was £50 from Screwfix.

“The radiator paint was £8 from Screwfix, the caddy and hook were £13 from The Range, the toilet roll holder and towel ring were £15 from The Range and the mirror was £20 from Dunelm.

“The plants were £20 from The Range and B&M, the bath mat was £7 from B&M, the bath tray was £10 from B&M and the blind was £22 from Dunelm.

"In total, the whole thing came in just under £600 which we’re pretty happy with!”

Ben, who shares his home transformations on Instagram at @br_creative_diy, is delighted with the finished look of his new bathroom, and says that being resourceful with shopping and DIY has saved his family thousands of pounds.

"I reckon we’ve still saved thousands by shopping around and doing it ourselves,” Ben adds.

“Looking at average costs in the UK, it’d have cost us around £2,400 if we had got a builder to do it.

"Making those savings meant we’re not only able to do other renovations with the money but has also given me the confidence to tackle everything that the house throws at me.

"I can see why it’d cost that much as it was a tough job! I’ve definitely got a lot of respect for people who do this for a living.

“It feels beyond amazing to have a bathroom we can be proud of and somewhere we can enjoy and relax in.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “Bathroom renovations are notoriously expensive and it’s no surprise that many people end up hiring a builder with the complications of tiling, plumbing and so on.

“But if you’re confident in your DIY abilities and happy to teach yourself tiling skills from YouTube like Ben, you’ll undoubtedly save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, by giving it a go yourself!”

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Sugarbabe11 months ago

I have a small bathroom like yours Ben and you have turned an old bathroom into something that's so modern. Can you please come and do the tiling for me as I'm rubbish 😀 Only joking, I've done a lot of tiling before but it gets messy 🙄

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