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EDF To Raise Bills For Over a Million Customers

April 14, 2018, 8:00 AM
  • Second of the Big Six energy providers to hike bills
  • Will go up 1.4%
  • Blames Government for increase of bills
Customers will pay an extra £16 a year with EDF. Image: Getty

EDF Energy has become the second of the big six energy suppliers to raise prices this week.

The company announced it would be raising bills by 1.4% for 1.3 million of its customers on standard variable tariffs.

This will increase by average bill by £16 a year, taking it to a total of £1,158.

The increase is relatively small, compared to British Gas putting up its bills by 5.5%, which will cost customers an estimated £60 more a year, which has sparked criticism.

It was predicted that British Gas’s price increase would lead to other energy companies putting their prices up.

If you believe that you’re not getting the best deal, or if your energy provider has put rates up, the best way to save is to shop around for a better deal.

Similar to British Gas, EDF has blame the rise on a significant increase in wholesale energy costs, as well as government policies, such as clean energy subsidies, which have to be paid through energy bills.

It said the rollout of smart meters,a government policy carried out by energy suppliers, had also contributed.

Beatrice Bigios, managing director of customers at EDF, said, “We know that price rises are not welcome and we have worked to offset rising energy and policy charges by cutting our own costs.”

The firm added that 59% of its customers would not be affected, limiting the rise to 1.3 million households, because they are on fixed or protected tariffs.

However, they are also adding an extra charge on for customers who pay by cash or cheque, rather than by direct debit.

These types of payment will go up by another £28 a year.

The increase comes ahead of the government’s plans for a price cap on standard variable tariffs, but that is not expected to take effect until the end of the year.

MexicaliRose675over a year ago

The government said they would do this last year but prices went up anyway so who can believe a word they say?

wthkvover a year ago

Let all of us have 20%off now doaway with vat it's a tax the government get every one pay out lets have a tax rebate every one needs gas and electricity

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