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Family make coronavirus-themed time capsule staircase in lockdown

11 May 2020, 0:00 pm
  • Becky Sack, 27, wanted to use the time in lockdown positively
  • Together with her partner and daughter, she transformed their staircase
  • They hope future owners of the house will one day uncover the words

If you’ve been hoping for a meaningful lockdown project while we’re all stuck at home, take inspiration from this moving time capsule staircase.

Becky Sack, 27, a self-employed nail technician from Burton Latimer, Kettering, decided to use the time in lockdown to create a time capsule staircase with her family.

Becky, who lives with her partner Craig and their daughter Charlotte, six, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "We moved into our home in early December last year and have been renovating since. We've recently completed our entrance hallway and seeing a huge, blank space on the stairs got me thinking what I could do with it!

"My daughter Charlotte and I came up with a great idea together inspired by all of those families who have been decorating their windows with rainbows.

"Our idea was to create a time capsule staircase: a permanent marking of what is happening right now, a piece of living history.

"The stairs read: When Covid-19 Took Over We Stayed Home And Enjoyed Time Together Lock Down (23/3/20).

"We decorated the stairs using children's paint, glitter and PVA to seal. Some of the pictures include Clap for our Carers hands showing 8pm, a blue NHS heart, handprints, clock face and rainbows.

"We will continue to add statement images through this lockdown. It was free to make, as we only used what we had available in the house.”

"The design will remain but will be covered with carpet in the next few months when lockdown is over."

Becky says that the project helps bring positivity in these uncertain times - and she hopes it will delight future owners of the house.

"We really hope to inspire lots of people to do the same or similar, showing positivity in times like this,” she adds. “Especially for our children, this is paramount.

“Charlotte has taken great pride in showing her family and friends this project!

"Hopefully one day in the future, residents will uncover the lockdown staircase and remember these unprecedented times!"

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “Many of us under lockdown have taken up DIY in an attempt to combat boredom, get long-awaited projects done and be creative, but Becky’s project is extra meaningful.

“It’s amazing to think of future residents seeing the staircase and realising what special times this family had creating this lockdown design!"

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