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Find B&M Bargains with Secret App

May 8, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • Glitch app for B&M to spot price reductions
  • Barcode checker scans and shows you the price
  • Shoppers find great price drops
B&M has an app that lets you see the lowest prices for items in the store. Image: Getty

There’s a way that you can find the cheapest prices at B&M, and all you need is a smartphone.

B&M launched a new app at the start of the year, although haven’t promoted it much, so many customers don’t know that there’s a way for them to find the best deals in the store.

To use it, you just download the app on to an Android or iPhone, then select the Barcode Price Checker on the app, and then hold the barcode in front of your phone’s camera.

The price will then come up, and may be different to what is advertised.


Shoppers can use this to find items where the price has hugely dropped, but the advertised price hasn’t been changed yet.

It allows shoppers to find some great deals and discounts in the store, that others won’t know about.

The app was created because prices generally get reduced or changed on Wednesdays, and this way shoppers can check the prices for themselves.

Members of the Latest Deals bargain hunting community have used the app to find the reductions in the store.

One member said, “I got a vase that was priced at £5 on the shelf down to just £1.50, some sweets that were advertised as £2 down to 5p, and 4 Easter eggs for just 50p!”

Another said, “I ended up with loads of curtains and king size duvet sets for just 10p each! I bought the whole lot to donate to shelters.”

Lauren Saunders shared her bargain find from the app. Image: Lauren Saunders

One bargain hunter even found this ottoman storage unit for just £14.99 on the app, reduced from £39.99,

Some shoppers have spotted a few flaws in the app that need to be fixed, as they need internet to connect to the bar code scanner.

This means that if you can’t get reception in a store, then you won’t be able to use the app to find the cheapest prices.

As well as checking out what’s in the shops, you can see what the latest deals are, and tailor the app to show you products you’re most interested in.

You can tell the app things that you’re looking for, and it will send you a notification if a deal comes up that you might like.

The app also means you can check out latest arrivals and deals from home, so you can plan your shopping.

For more B&M bargains, check out its merchant page on Latest Deals.

LucyWoodover a year ago

what app please?

tommyndonna125over a year ago

Click on the highlighted part that says Google play store and Apple app store and it will take you to the app.


Heather41over a year ago

Does the price change automatically come up at the till?

Shelleymacover a year ago

B&M openly advertise their app instore thru B&M Radio I've heard it every Time I've went to any of their store.

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