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Money-Saving Mum Who Wanted New Sofa PAINTS Hers For Just £70

October 19, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Andrea Dauris, 36, was tired of the look of her old red sofa but still found it comfy
  • Instead of buying a new one, she spent just £70 on leather paint to upcycle it
  • She now has a sofa with a brand new look - and all for a fraction of the price of buying new

If you’re fed up with your furniture but can’t afford to fork out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for new sofas, chairs and tables, take inspiration from this savvy mum.

Andrea Dauris, 36, from London, a mum of four, wanted to redecorate her living room and was tired of the look of her red leather sofa.

Instead of splashing out on a new sofa, Andrea decided to upcycle her existing sofa using £70 of Amazon leather paint, saving herself a fortune.

Andrea told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "I wanted to change the colour of my sofa as I wanted to decorate my front room away from the red but I loved my sofa.

“It was originally from DFS and I bought it about six years ago.

"I had seen leather paint on Amazon and decided to take the plunge and paint it.

"I had seen many people use paint but I didn't like the look and I was worried that it would flake or mark after a while.

“Instead, I decided to look into leather paint and The Leather Clinic paint for me was the best.

“It worked out at about £70 as I used two big bottles and I have quite a big sofa.

"It took me about two days as I did each part at a time so we had somewhere to sit while the paint settled.

"I would definitely say that you need to clean your sofa very well before painting it, as you need to get all the old grease and oils off first.

“Don't rush it - if you have very worn parts of the sofa, you need to coat it about four to five times.

“It’s very easy to do with a sponge roller - you roller it like you would paint a wall but dry it with a hairdryer between coats.”

Andrea is delighted with the look of her new sofa, especially considering it cost her just £70 rather than the hundreds she would have had to spend on a brand new one.

"I love my sofa now that it's done,” she adds. “It looks like a whole new one - it's made me love my sofa again as I fell out of love with the colour!

"This project was good during the lockdown as I had time to do it and it kept me busy.

"It made me love my sofa again at a time where you couldn't just go and buy a new one.

“I couldn’t afford a new sofa which would have cost hundreds and I still love my sofa, so doing it this way saved me hundreds of pounds!

“I’m definitely getting my money’s worth out of my sofa.

“The paint was easy to get as I ordered it online from Amazon and it only took three to four days to come.

"I love the outcome and would so recommend it to others - it saved me so much money on a new sofa!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “Buying new furniture is always tempting when you’re redecorating, but it’s certainly expensive.

“Andrea’s solution is much more wallet-friendly: stick to the sofa you know and love rather than risk buying a new one that might not be as comfy, and just switch up the look to fit in with your new home style.

“She’s saved herself hundreds, and given us all a masterclass in savvy money-saving too!”

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