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Mum Finds School Shoes in Aldi IDENTICAL to Clarks, but SEVEN Times Cheaper

July 20, 2018, 12:00 PM
An Aldi shopper found herself the ultimate bargain in one of its branches recently, when she spotted a pair of girls shoes that was SEVEN times cheaper than almost the exact same pair from Clarks.
Image shared with permission from Rachel Duncan

Yesterday, Rachel Duncan posted a picture of the bargain with the Facebook Group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing and Bargains.

Underneath the post, Rachel’s fellow bargain hunters expressed surprise with many congratulating her on the find.

Members of the group immediately began tagging their friends in the post, alerting them of the bargain.

Aldi's shoes were just £6.99, where as the almost identical version in Clarks was £42.

Image shared with permission from Rachel Duncan
The more expensive shoes from Clarks, costing £42 (image: Clarks)

However, not everyone agreed it was a good buy.

Sophie Marshallsay said, "And with what they're made from, I bet Aldi’s fall apart in a week. Clark’s won’t."

Elliott Harman said, "Only they're not the same. I can buy Rebel active shoes that look like Nike, doesn't mean they are the same quality."

Elliott continued to highlight that Aldi's shoes, which are made from Action Leather, might be of a lower quality. He shared a picture explaining how Action Leather is made:

What is Action Leather? Image: Google

Luisa Fare said, "They will not be the same quality tho! And Clarks do different width fittings to ensure the shoes fits properly!"

Jackie Jones disagreed with the others supporting the argument that discount shoes can last longer. She said, "I bought my daughter a pair of first shoes from Clarks years back they lasted 8 weeks. I then bought a similar pair from Lidl which lasted 4 months. Clarks get their reputation from people thinking their only buying the best quality when this is not always the case."

At £6.99, you could buy 6 pairs for the same price as one from Clarks.

This isn't the first time a discount supermarket has forayed into school clothing. Poundland now sells an extensive array of school clothing.

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