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Mum Shows Off Incredible Sensory Corner for Son (DIY on a Budget)

September 13, 2019, 9:25 AM
Mum makes amazing sensory corner for her son
  • 27-year-old Heaven Spenceley created a sensory corner for her son Declan’s birthday
  • Heaven used everything from frog tape to MDF to create the comforting space for Declan
  • Declan absolutely loves his new area at home

A DIY-savvy mum has created an amazing sensory corner for her son Declan, two, who has a rare chromosome disorder and autism.

27-year-old Heaven Spenceley from Sunderland, a mum of three, has been out of work for two years as Declan, her youngest, needs full time care.

Heaven decided to create a sensory corner for Declan on the occasion of his birthday.

“My son has a rare chromosome disorder, 15q 13.3 micro-duplication syndrome and autism,” Heaven told LatestDeals.co.uk.

“He wasn’t really into new toys so when his birthday was approaching I came up with the idea of making him a sensory corner in the dining room. I did everything myself, so if I can make one anyone can!”

“It was a bit of trial and error as originally I used double sided sticky tape to put foam flooring down but he decided he would rip them up and try eat the foam so I recently changed the flooring to shiny, bumpy Fablon as he loves shiny things!

“I used the frog tape effect on the bottom half of the walls, painting it bright colours and used CD discs on the top half for decoration as the light reflects off them. I got MDF from B&Q, cut it into three sections, covered it in red Fablon, added plumbing (which I cut to size) and a box so he can drop whatever he wants through and it would land into his box.

“For the other two pieces, I got everything from Wilko, such as the door chain, light switch, door stoppers and fidget spinner, which I screwed or glued onto the boards, then I put the boards onto the walls.

“He loves to line his cars up so I also got the shelving with a lip at the front from eBay and screwed them onto the bottom of the walls.

“The mirror was an old one from a dressing table I had which I just covered in red Fablon to match. Then, for the curtains I bought four different colours off eBay and for the tie backs, I hung them round the corner using netting wire.”

Declan absolutely loves his sensory corner and it has really helped him having the area at home.

“Declan loves the feel and texture of them on his face as well as the feel of the ribbons dangling down from the bike wheel I attached to the ceiling,” Heaven explains.

“He absolutely loves it - the corner is just for him, so if he needs to calm down, especially at night time, he loves the lights all on, he pulls the curtains round and does his own thing!

“It’s helped him massively being able to have sensory in his own home. People with children who have sensory issues will understand the help and joy it brings to their child.”

“He’s non verbal and sensory corners can help develop users' visual processing abilities as well as their fine and gross motor skills, facilitating day-to-day living. It helps stimulate and soothe an overloaded system as well as being fun.”

applecrumbleover a year ago

That's such an awesome idea! Well done you poppet 🤗 I love the creative ideas you've come up with 😊 I hope it inspires lots of people. Have lots of fun together 🤗

Fuchsbauover a year ago

Just goes to show what can be done when you put your mind to it and on a budget too we’ll done

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