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Mum Transforms Cluttered Garden For Just £50 Using Facebook Freebies

Imogen Groome
13 April 2021, 9:30 am
  • Sarah, 39, transformed her cluttered backyard after being inspired by various social media posts
  • She got most of the items for free from people giving them away on Facebook
  • The fire pit was made out of the drum from her old washing machine

In recent months, having a decent outdoor space to relax in has been vital - so one thrifty mum decided to give her cluttered backyard a thorough makeover on the cheap.

Sarah Takhtash, 39, from Manchester and mum of four, wanted to stop avoiding her garden and make it feel warm and welcoming.

‘Over the years I have never done anything to my backyard, and I absolutely hated it. I wouldn’t even hang the washing out in it!

‘I follow lots of DIY groups on Facebook and was always in awe of their garden makeovers,’ she added, which is ultimately what gave her the push to embark on her own project.

‘I know I couldn’t afford to do it professionally, so I decided to do it myself - especially as I’m a big believer in reusing and upcycling furniture.’

Sarah got the ball rolling by scouring Facebook for products. ‘I spent about two months collecting everything,’ she commented. ‘The hardest part was driving out to collect items, as some people were a bit further out than where I lived.’

While she sourced supplies, the first step was to clear everything out of the backyard. Afterwards, it was time to use Sarah’s first find - two tubs of outdoor floor paint for the walls and fence. ‘It was only £10 for both,’ she said.

The next find was particularly lucky, as she got hold of a colour-coordinated green table and chairs. ‘They happened to be painted in mint green and matched my walls and floor!’

It wasn’t long before Sarah had built up her collection of budget supplies. ‘I managed to get a large piece of astroturf which covered most of my flooring.

‘I then picked up some rugs, floor cushions and a storage box. At this point I placed the plants out with a few lanterns which I already had.

‘Someone kindly gifted me a large parasol, which I attached the light chain to.

‘The last thing I collected was another table and chairs set - one was not enough as we are a family of 6.

‘The most I paid was £25 for the floor cushions and the two lots of solar powered lights only cost £10 each from B&M.’

Sarah then decided to get creative. ‘My washing machine broke in February and I remembered how people had posted on Facebook about using the drum as a fire pit.

‘It was hard work taking it to pieces,’ she admitted, but the labour has now paid off. After searching through Facebook listings and finding a barbeque, plus some wood and bricks to place under the fire pit, her work was complete.

It’s safe to say Sarah is pleased with the result. ‘Honestly, I didn’t think it would all turn out so lovely. I love it and enjoy sitting out. It’s like I have gained an extra room.’

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: ‘I love what Sarah’s done with her garden. It’s great that she managed to get most of her supplies from Facebook - there are so many hidden treasures that can easily be repurposed.

‘Using a washing machine drum is a great way to upcycle old white goods. Just be sure to remove all of the plastic when you’re taking the machine apart, as it can be toxic when it burns.

‘When I took my own machine apart, I had some plastic inserts which needed removing - so I tapped on the outside with a hammer and they simply fell off.

‘If your drum comes with a spindle, why not use it to keep your new fire pit sturdy? Push it into the ground if your garden has a grassy area and you’ll reduce the risk of it tipping over.’

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What do you think of this?
Chaz85a year ago

Looks great should be well pleased with yourself

Sugarbabea year ago

You've done a good job Sarah transforming your backyard into a place where you can chill out with your family. I have a washing machine drum and I was going to put a nice plant into it, but seeing how you turned yours into a fire pit I might do the same to mine. Image

debramarshalla year ago

Love it, very creative & great thinking, might start sourcing myself you’ve inspired me to get busy, thaks 😊

BORDERJOEa year ago

this is a great post .... congratulations to Sarah .... I love the fire pit idea too.