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New Collectible 10p Coins Released to Celebrate the Best of Britain

March 2, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • Royal Mint has issued new 10p coins
  • 26 in total, one for each letter of the alphabet
  • Coins can be bought online for £2 each
Limited numbers of the coins will be released on 5th March. Image: Royal Mint.

Royal Mint has sparked a coin hunt by issuing new 10p coins that celebrate the ‘best of british’.

There’s 26 coins, one for each letter of the alphabet, from the Angel of the North to Zebra crossings, and ten of them were decided by public vote.

The Mint says that the idea behind the new coins is the mark everything that makes Britain great- and hope that the public will join in the hunt for the coins.

Some 2.6 million coins have been minted, 100,000 for each letter, meaning that there will be a high demand, and potentially a high value for the coins.

You can already buy them for more than their worth- on the Royal Mint’s website and branches of the Post Office the coins are selling for £2 each.

The coins will officially enter circulation from Monday 5th March, just after the old £10 notes goes out of circulation, so coin collectors should keep an eye out for them from that date.

Anne Jessop, Royal Mint’s CEO, said, “We wanted to do something like the 50p Olympic coins again, and to get people looking at their coins.

“We really want people to join in the hunt, and you can buy the coins as well, but that won’t be as much fun.

“26 is a lot to collect, but the A to Z represents Britishness- from the Angel of the North to Zebra crossings.”

Alongside the coins, collectors can buy a folder to keep the coins in, which costs an extra £9.90.

Even though the Royal Mint can’t comment on how much the sets and individual coins could be worth, coins have been sold for many many times their value on eBay in recent years.

You can sell all kinds of odd things on eBay as well as coins, like plastic bags and milk bottles.

To encourage kids to join in on the fun, the Royal Mint is also launching an app which will let users store their collection digitally and allow them to create their own designs.

Once you find a coin, you can scan it in and unlock new content in the app too.

Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of the Royal Mint Museum, said, “This is a departure from the standard way in which the Royal Mint has celebrated what is great about Britain in the past.

‘We have marked great events, celebrated engineers, politicians, and of course, royalty.

“This series really drills down into the heartland of what makes Britain British.

“It’s the granularity of British life celebrated on the coinage.”

Will you be collecting the coins? Let us know in the comments.

SuzanneHudsonover a year ago

The Post Office ones are £4 each 😊

joshuawicks1234over a year ago

how much are they!

Kellyover a year ago

I'll be looking out for them. Nice for my toddler to have when she's older x

SandyRhodesover a year ago

I'll enjoy looking for these, thank you

rainbowdannyover a year ago

Fab, thanks

robwhitakerover a year ago

Love my collectable 50ps! Bring it on!

sammijay757over a year ago

Ooh I want these. Collect the 50ps also I have the peter rabbit collection 😊

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