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Plastic Straws Could Be Banned- What are Cheap Alternatives?

May 10, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • Proposal for plastic straws and cotton buds to be banned
  • Alternatives like bamboo straws and metal straws could be cheaper
  • Part of a bid to cut down on plastic waste
Plastic straws could be banned- what are the alternatives? Image: Getty

Plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned in England as part of the government’s bid to cut plastic waste.

Minister pointed to one estimate that 8.5 billion plastic straws were thrown away in the UK every year.

The Prime Minister said plastic waste was ‘one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world’.

For those who use plastic straws, there are alternatives out there, however these are generally more expensive than plastic versions.

There are benefits to reusable straws that can save money in the long term though.

They can be washed and used again instead of being thrown away, and some are made of recyclable materials so they cause less environmental damage.

Many of the straws can be found on Amazon, but you can also get cheap ones from high-street shops and supermarkets.

Here are some examples of cheap alternatives to plastic straws:

Paper Straws:

Similar to the plastic straws peoples are used to, these are disposable.

However, because they are made of paper, they are biodegradable more more environmentally friendly than throwaway plastic straws.

They’re also a lot closer in price, and are the cheapest alternative.

For example, you can get 25 on Amazon for 87p, or 3p per straw, and they can also be bought at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for £2 for 25.

Metal Straws:

These are an example of a straw that can be washed and reused, and most can just be put in the dishwasher.

As they are reusable, they are more expensive, but you won’t have to buy any more once you’ve got one.

Metal straws don’t work for everyone, you can’t adjust the angle while you’re drinking, and the texture can be off putting for many.

Bent and straight versions of the straws can be bought on Amazon for £3.15 for 8 straws, or in Lakeland for £5.99 for 6 straws.

Glass Straws:

Glass straws may sound dangerous, but the ones sold on reputable sites are designed to be durable and shatterproof.

They are a more expensive option compared to metal and paper straws, but some users prefer being able to see if the straw is clean or dirty.

You can get them individually from Amazon for £1.10, or in a pack of 11 for £8.99.

Reusable Plastic Straws:

If you prefer using plastic straws, you can get sturdy plastic straws that can be washed and reused.

Similar to plastic cups, if the straws are cleaned and stored properly, they can last for years, just make sure you recycle them when it’s time to get new ones.

They can be bought at Amazon for £1.16 for 10, or in Waitrose for £1.50 for 6.

Bioplastic Straws:

Bioplastic straws can be used instead of their plastic counterparts.

They’re a fully compostable material made from corn that would otherwise go to waste, and the material can also be used for other utensils and coffee cups.

While plastic straws take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfill, the bioplastic will decompose in under 12 weeks, so they can go in the bin with the rest of your waste.

A pack of 120 is £10.37 from Vegware.

PhilipMarcover a year ago

I bought a metal straw but haven't used it yet. As for plastic ones, I only use them once then throw away.

If the govt was so concerned about the environment, this would be the least of their worries.

solomuzover a year ago

Pasta is being used by one restaurant. It reacts badly with cola though.

AgnesFaludiover a year ago

I do not understand how it is a huge issue. We pay for taking our rubbish away. I certainly do not pay to trash my straws to the Ocean. If it happens that can be tracked back to some issues with the government.

I am also not sure how paper straw is better? Paper made from trees. How it is any better to loose the Amazonas?

People really get brainwashed... They just need to travel back to the 80's where everything was recyclable and that was not good enough.

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