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Savvy Morrisons Shopper Shares Hacks For 37p Meatballs And 38p Fishcakes

September 16, 2021, 3:00 PM
  • Lauren, 33, regularly gets yellow stickers and Too Good To Go bags from Morrisons
  • Recent bargains include 37p meatballs, 38p fishcakes and 82p burgers
  • She only spends £30 a week on her grocery shop using discount tricks

Finding discounted groceries can become a hobby for bargain shoppers, with one savvy woman revealing how she manages to regularly buy yellow sticker shops and discounted grocery bags on the cheap.

Lauren Roddick, a 33 year old Elderly Care Assessment Nurse from Glasgow, shares her bargains on Instagram as scrimpy_slimmer and told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: ‘The main shop I go to for yellow sticker bargains and Too Good To Go bags is Morrisons. A recent yellow sticker haul in Morrisons got me a pack of chunky haddock slices for £1 down from £4, 4 quarter pounder burgers for 82p down from £3.25, 6 butchers steak burgers for £1.20 down from £4.80, 12 pork meatballs for 37p down from £1.45 and 2 cod fishcakes for 38p down from £1.50.’

Another trick Lauren uses for cheap shopping is the Too Good To Go app. ‘The other day, I purchased two of the Morrisons bags through this app, both costing £3.09 each. In the first bag I got 5 plain bagels, 6 potato scones, 4 potato farls, 3 passion fruits, 1 melon, a bag of satsumas, a lemon swiss roll, 6 apples, a large loaf of bread and a small loaf of bread.

‘In the second bag I got 8 yum yums, 8 chocolate chip cookies, 2 punnets of grapes, 2 packets of vine tomatoes, 4 large cheese baps, 1 sourdough loaf of bread and a small seeded loaf of bread. I always find that the Morrisons bags from Too Good To Go are excellent value for money!

Lauren shared her system for finding yellow sticker bargains. ‘The time of day I go to the supermarket varies depending on what I'm looking for. If I'm looking for yellow stickers my local Morrisons is Giffnock. They will reduce items first thing in the morning, then further reductions are made later on about 1 hour before the shop closes.

‘If I'm looking for fresh fruit and veg it will usually be reduced and sitting at the end of that aisle. Fresh meat and fish will be at the butcher aisle and for ready meals and other cold items they will be kept at the end of the cold meat aisle.

My normal weekly shop for myself, husband and husky dog is on average £30. I've got two fridge freezers so I freeze the majority of my items. In a Too Good To Go bag I recently got passion fruits, so I scooped out the pulp and put it in ice cube trays, then added them to cocktails which was lovely. I always freeze my bread so I will make sure it's sliced before it goes in the freezer. I also make meals for my Dad so extra portions will go to him.

‘I cook everyday, I make dinners from scratch five days per week so there is very rarely any waste. My tips for those wanting to do similar would be, plan plan plan. I use a weekly menu planner and write out a shopping list every week. For spices, tinned tomatoes, beans and lentils etc, go to the world foods aisle as I’ve found it is always cheaper. Plus, Morrisons Too Good To Go bags are fab for fresh fruit and veg. I've never had anything that looks past its sell by date!’

Tom Church, Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: ‘Lauren is an inspiration to those looking for ways to shop more cheaply at Morrisons. By combining yellow sticker bargains with Too Good To Go bags, she has managed to keep her weekly grocery shop impressively low. Well done!’

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